Cusco is one of the most visited cities in all of Cusco. It is known as the navel of the world as thought of by the Incas. Strolling around the city will make you feel as if you are walking through an open museum. The city is submerged in Inca and Spanish cultures, which is apparent by seeing the customs, culture and architecture. Cusco Peru is a must visit at least once in your life. This post looks at the 10 places to visit in the city.

  1. Sacsayhuaman

This beauty is located at about 3,555 meters above sea level. The name actually comes from the Aymara Saqsaw Waman which translates to a place where the hawk is satisfied and it is possibly the most mysterious place in all of Latin America. In 1533, when the conquerors had arrived in Cusco, they were astounded by this monument of Cyclopean walls which are composed of rocks that are about 200 tons and perfectly fit one another. It remains a mystery how this place had been built and continues to function to this day.

  1. Main Square

The Main Square of Cusco is located right at the center of the city. It has well-kept gardens and paths. Housing 2 of the most emblematic buildings of the city, the Church of the Company of Jesus and the Cathedral of Cusco, it is the most beautiful spaces in the entire city.

  1. The Cathedral of Cusco

It is also the first cathedral that had been built in Cusco and had been built in 1539. The shape of the Cathedral is like that of a Latin cross. It is known for its splendid interior that has excellent wood carvings and colonial gold structures.

  1. Church of the Company of Jesus

It is considered to be the best example of baroque-colonial architecture in all of the Americas. The construction of the church had begun in 1576. It has a wide collection of paintings and sculptures.

  1. The Qoricancha Temple

There are four forms of writing for the name of structure which make it difficult for linguists to translate the meaning of Qoricancha. It is a beautiful temple which showcases the Incan splendor.

  1. San Pedro Market

The San Pedro Market is a must visit place. All of the elements of the market exhibit a wide range of things. Just about everything can be found here from live frogs to roasted sucking pigs.

  1. Church of San Cristobal

Walk through the beautiful cobbled streets to get to the San Cristobal church in San Blas. It features religious art and deserves more of your time due to the magnificent panoramic views of the city from the large square near it.

  1. Cristo Blanco

Perhaps, the best place to visit is Cristo Blanco or White Christ. It has a height of 8m and is located on the Pukamogo hill.

  1. Stone of the 12 Angles

These form part of the old Inca wall and is carved in such a way that it has perfectly fitted 12 angles. It showcases high level of engineering that had been reached by the Incas.

  1. San Bas Neighborhood

The San Bas Neighborhood is a must see. It features just about everything that Cusco has to offer.