Roatan is a tiny tropical island off the coast of Honduras. It is just a two-hour flight from Texas. This means that it is pretty accessible. Many people have started to move to this piece of paradise to ditch the stress of daily life. If you are considering moving somewhere new, Roatan Honduras should be your first priority due to the following reasons.

  1. The Beauty

One of the main reasons why people move to Roatan Honduras is because of its beauty. The island is a surreal place. It is simply the most beautiful island on the Caribbean. As it is less commercialized, it is also less crowded which means that it has been able to retain its natural splendour.

  1. Affordable Property

Another reason why you should move to Roatan Honduras is because it offers affordable real estate options. If you take a look at the Roatan property prices, you will quickly realize that the country is a lot more affordable in terms of property prices when compared to other Caribbean nations. Besides, this means that everything is also a lot cheaper.

  1. Easy to Get Residency

Retirees can relocate to Roatan as it offers a relatively easy residency procedure. You only have to show an income of $1,500 monthly to get the retirement visa. Foreigners are allowed to buy ¾ acre of land in their own name. However, they can create a corporation to own the entire land. It does not get better than this.

  1. Low Taxes

Do you want to escape excessive tax? Then, you will find Roatan to be the perfect place. The tax rate is low and foreign-earned income is not taxed. Thus, you get to keep your entire foreign income. This would allow you to get more out of your money.

  1. Easy to Travel To

As mentioned above, travelling to Roatan is super easy. If you live in Houston, it should take you less than three hours to reach the island. In addition to this, several major airlines provide daily flights. Hence, you should have no trouble flying to the mainland.

  1. Stable Economy

It is a good time to invest in real estate in Roatan. The economy and real estate sector have been performing rather well. This is why many expats have already purchased a second home in Roatan. Do not miss out on this amazing real estate market.

  1. Opportunity to Learn Spanish

Although everyone seems to speak English on the island, most people prefer speaking in Spanish. This should provide you with the perfect opportunity to brush up on your Spanish.

  1. Delicious Food

The food in Roatan is too good to be true. It is simply delicious. If you are a foodie at heart, you will have a great time on the island.

  1. Friendly Locals

Fitting into the island life should not be difficult for you since the locals are extremely friendly and will take you in from the moment you meet them.

  1. Unique Culture

Living in the same place can get boring which is why it makes sense to move to Roatan. The island has a unique culture that will captivate you.


Roatan Honduras is the perfect place to move to. It is not necessary to be retired and North Americans are welcome to the amazing country.