Warehouses come with specific challenges when it comes to heating and cooling the space as spacious facilities have large doors that open and close throughout the day. It should also be noticed that older warehouses have more problems due to worn off insulation systems adding more problems to the table. Moreover, you need to be considerate about your workers health, comfort and satisfaction so that they can perform their duties efficiently without being frustrated due to stubborn heating problems.

Thermal comfort is formed on the basis of six factors mainly air temperature, radiant temperature, humidity, air velocity, clothing insulation and work rate. While arranging cooling solutions, it is important to take into account the above factors so you can enjoy a comfortable working environment.

Here are some cooling solutions for you to focus on.


1.   Storage Racks

Storage racks are crucial to a warehouse organisation to keep things in place and prevent build up of heat in some areas. You can also place warehouse fans in some areas to ease and manage the hot airflow. By controlling airflow, you can generate more consistent and stable temperatures. Portable fans are quite popular in the market. These fans can be placed anywhere in your warehouse and will control the overall temperature when needed.


2.   Portable AC Units

Tired of paying bills for large HVAC systems? Worry not. Portable AC units are the new normal which is cost effective and consumes less space. Users can install these units in different areas of the warehouses which tend to produce more heat.

Not only this but these portable units can be of great help to reduce humidity level making your warehouse safe and comfortable preventing the formation of mold and mildew. In addition, your equipment is also protected from rust and other common problems which could be caused due to high humidity levels.

You can either go for water cooled or air cooled portable AC units depending upon your warehouse setting and other requirements. Unlike HVAC units, portable AC units are easier to maintain. Portable AC units are also easy to operate. Your cooling system can become operational at the cost of one flip of the switch.


3.   Leaks and Drafts

Most of the warehouse cooling problems arise when leakage and drafts are not addressed properly. Old windows which are not maintained regularly cannot prevent leaks and let im drafts which in turn decreases the ability to control efficient airflow. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep a regular check on potential leakages and drafts in order to control these problems before you end up spending more money in case the situation slips out of your hand.


4.   Screen doors

Metal screen doors can also prove to be productive to let in cool breeze at certain times of the year. A screen door is much more comfortable to install instead of keeping the regular door open. Unwanted intruders such as bugs, flies and other insects can also be prevented to make their way into your warehouse.

It is crucial to the health of your workers as well as the warehouse that all conditions are kept optimal for a  better experience and comfortable working environment.