Today, I have created a list of 5 top bathing aids you definitely should have.

When it comes to bathing aids, it is considered essential for elders. This because they might have trouble showering or going to the bathroom. However, bathing aids are not only for elders but for everyone. From a six-year-old kid who doesn’t shower on their own to an expecting mother, everyone can benefit from bathing aids.

So, read on to know what bathing aids you must have in your bathroom.

Hand-Held Shower

A hand-held shower is a crucial bathroom aid that will help you control the flow, direction, and force of water. The shower must have a large dial made using non-slip material. This will make it easy to use and hold in wet conditions.

Nowadays, most hand-held showers are attached to slide bars. This is to make it easy to adjust their height.

Pressure-Balanced Shower Systems

One of the must-haves bathing aids is a pressure balanced shower system. Since seniors have an increased risk of scalding, to avoid it is a good practice to invest in a pressure-balanced shower system. This is capable of maintaining a moderate temperature of the water so there is no feeling of a cold or hot surge in water. Moreover, this system will ensure the water temperature remains comfortable, consistent, and safe for elders.

Shower Chair

Some individuals prefer to sit while showering. If your elders are among those, a shower or bath chair perfect bathroom aid. There are tons of shower chair, however, you should be careful when choosing a chair. It is recommended to buy a chair with non-slip rubber feet. this feature is essential as it will provide stability to the chair. Additionally, it will even prevent scratches in the tub. Make sure you get a chair with adjustable legs.

Transfer Bench

This is an ideal choice for individuals who have difficulty stepping up and over the side of the tub. It can be used for individuals who underwent surgery recently, or have inflicted sports injury, or have arthritis. People who have trouble in bending or squatting or require additional security when going into the tub can benefit from the transfer bench.

The transfer bench has two legs on the bathroom floor while two are inside the tub. This will enable them to sit outside the tub and then slide across the bench.

Grab Bars

Another great aid that your bathroom should have is grabbing bars. They will enable you to easily get in and out of the tub. It will provide stability for elders in the shower. The market is filled with a variety of stylish grab bars that will blend in with the décor of your bathroom. In addition, the grab bars are available various length sizes, ranging from 12 to 42 inches.

In the end, bathing aids are crucial for keeping everyone safe. If you want to have mobility bathrooms, feel free to contact us. What bathroom aids you have for your elders? Let us know in the comments below.