Are you looking for the funniest jokes to tell during a family reunion? Do you want to make your family laugh? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at the 5 funniest jokes to tell during family reunions. Who does not like funny jokes? Family reunion is the perfect place to tell some funny jokes to have a memorable time with your loved ones. It helps lighten the mood. A good standup act will be the highlight of the night. So whether you want to make a good (funny) impression the first time you meet your family after a long time or just want to tell a captivating welcome speech at the family reunion, the following jokes will make it a lot more fun. Show off your comedic talent by incorporating these jokes into the conversation.

Family Reunion Jokes

  1. “I am only here today to talk about our family. However, since mother has always taught us to not say anything if we have nothing good to say, I should probably remain silent. Good day to you all.”

This joke is a classic when it comes to family reunions. It will help set the right tone and let everyone know that despite how much you love them, they should keep things on a positive note. The joke is the perfect way to welcome the family to your new home or space. Moreover, if you visiting your family for reunion, the joke will deter them from making a complete fool out of you in front of your lover/ partner.

  1. “There is no alcohol at the family reunion as we are concerned that it would make people honest with one another.”

If you want to get everyone to burst a laugh without booze, then, why not make a joke out of it? Alcohol is the lifeblood of a family reunion. But, you can always joke about how the family is concerned with honesty. Nothing is more fun than an honest family reunion.

  1. “If you have brought your date along, then, you have made a sure mistake.”

Let’s admit it, family reunions are the worst place to bring your date along. This joke is just as funny as it is anecdotal. It speaks of experience with absurd family reunion date meet ups. Bringing a date to family reunion is a mistake that will bite you in the ass. Hence, you should poke fun at however brought their date to the family reunion.

  1. “I am glad that I have medical insurance. You know how these events end.”

Another classic joke that is bound to make the entire family laugh is the one about having medical insurance. Family reunions are all about emotional drama and even fights. Hence, medical insurance is your best option.

  1. “A game of monopoly is just what we need.”

The truth about family reunions is that monopoly competitions are like drugs to an already alcoholic situation. Things are bound to get more dangerous.


The above 5 funny jokes will help make the family reunion a lot funnier.