Summer is coming and will be here before you know it. That means putting away your sweaters and other winter warmers to make room for some spring and summer sensations. If you haven’t already done so last fall, then you should take out last year’s clothes, see what still fits and throw away the things that won’t survive next year. Afterwards, the fun stuff starts, because you might have room for some new additions to your wardrobe. You can read honest reviews of Gamiss here. But what are the summer trends of 2019?


Summer Shorts

Shorts are not going anywhere because they are practical, comfortable and not too warm. Chino shorts are in fashion and you will see pastels appear in the street. If that’s not your thing, a pair of khaki, black or navy shorts are a safe option and they go well with almost anything. No worries about what kind of shirt will fit what short. Some shorts are ultra short and with flashy colours, but you not everyone can pull it off.


Suit Without Shirt

Wearing a suit no longer requires a shirt. You can wear a pair of trousers and a formal jacket without a shirt underneath the jacket. Your bare chest will shine through and you’ll see more of this fashion next summer. Suits, in general, are made of wool or silk. Expect the colour sage.


Hiking Sandals

Who says sandals can’t be sturdy? Hiking sandals will appear for long walks. If you’re honest, you don’t want to wear closed shoes when the weather is hot, especially not if you are looking forward to a long walk or hike. Therefore open sandals are a good option if you like to keep your feet cool.


Shirts and Other Tops

Shirts and tops should be kept light and breezy. Colours are white, grey and navy. But striped is also a good option. Then you can also include some black in the colour combinations. You are advised not to keep it too plain because you are allowed to be a bit bold. Polo’s too is a good choice if you keep it light. Button ups should have long sleeves. That is why you should go for light colours. Patterns are allowed and you should wear light linen because of the heat. Another option is presented by patterned shirts with short sleeves. That does not mean a Hawaiian shirt (they are not in fashion) but you can add some flowers or other patterns.



We already mentioned hiking sandals as possible footwear, but we also know that’s not everyone’s kind of thing. Therefore, we would like to present you with another option in the form of low profile sneakers. Any basic colour is good as long as it doesn’t attract too much attention. White is perhaps a bit too boring although it goes with everything. So are black shoes, although they are not always suitable for summer weather. But also light brown shoes will do. 


Hopefully, we have been able to present you with some clothing options. We tried to be as basic and general as possible but look at the catwalk fashion for some flashy trends and eye catchers.