Ever since the dawn of the 21st century and internet apps such as Instagram, the number of travelers visiting new countries or traveling has skyrocketed. Traveling isn’t only for the rich these days as just about everyone can afford a ticket and fly to a new country. Besides, more countries are relaxing their visa regulations such as Pakistan and offer opportunities for travelers to visit the country. One of the major expenditure for traveling is the flight ticket.

  1. Use Budget Airlines

Now, if you are living in Europe and plan on traveling within Europe, then there are plenty of cheap flights that are available, with some offering round-trips for just over $50. There has been a rise of the budget traveler. Budget airlines such as Ryanair offer some of the cheapest fares to travel within the beautiful continent of Europe. Furthermore, if you live in South East Asia, then there is Air Asia which also offers competitive prices.

  1. Book in Advance for Cheap Flights

Now, if you don’t live in Europe or South East Asia, and are not traveling in the region, then it is important to book in advance for cheap flights. During the final three weeks before departure, plane tickets tend to jump in price considerably. So, if you want to get cheap flights, then booking in advance is the way to go.

  1. Set Price Alerts

There is a reason why price alerts are so popular among budget travelers. Price alerts provide you with alerts for the selected destinations, whenever there are cheap flight tickets that are available. Make sure to use this service in order to get the cheapest flights. It never hurts to enable the alerts. This also means that you should be ready to consider a destination which you did not plan on traveling to before. For instance, if you had your mind fixed on Dublin, but price alerts showed cheaper flights for Edinburg, then you should consider Edinburgh.

  1. Be Flexible

Now, if you want to get the best deals when it comes to flights, then you need to be flexible. This means that you should have more than just one destination in mind for traveling. But, have more than two or three places in mind. According to Eventagentur Berlin, this allows you to choose the destination with the cheapest flights. Being flexible is vital to taking advantage of some of the hottest deals when they are available. Besides, if you are planning on a beach holiday, then your holiday destination should not only be the Maldives. There are many other countries that have amazing beaches such as Malaysia, The Fiji Islands and The Philippines.

  1. Consider Booking a Connecting Flight

Connecting flights are every budget traveler’s best friend. They cost a fraction of the cost which one might have paid for a direct flight. If you have the time and enjoy stopping at an airport, then consider booking a connecting flight to your next destination. You could even choose a connecting flight that offers stopovers of more than 12 hours and explore the country which you stop at.