Are you planning a camping trip in Austria? Do you want to make sure that you have the best of time while camping? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at the top 6 camping tips for your trip in Austria. Austria is a favorite among backpackers from around the world. It is a country that is known for its arts, culture, delicious food, classical music, gorgeous Alpine mountains, and wine. Whether you are going on a short camping trip in Austria or plan on staying for much longer, this post will ensure that you have an amazing time.

  1. Visit All Major Places

Austria is home to Vienna and beautiful historic towns. Make sure that you visit all major places during your camping trip. Start off your trip at Salzburg. The city is known for its stunning lakes and mountains. Thus, you can camp on the outskirts of the city and still visit all important monuments on your camping trip.

  1. Try Winter Activities

If you are looking for camping activities, then chances are that you will love to try out winter activities. Austria has the Alps. This is why you should consider visiting Austria during the winter. The winter activities will keep you busy and allow you to take in the beauty of this magnificent country. Skiing is a favorite camping activity in Austria. Besides, winter classifies as off-season and is a great time to take advantage of discounted packages for campers.

  1. Make Your Own Food

No camping trip is complete without cooking your own food. It is one of the best activities when camping. Hence, you should make your own food. It will also help you save a ton of money which you might have spent at the local eatery. Austria is an expensive country and that is why you should avoid touristy food joints and make your own food.

  1. Walk Everywhere

Austria is a very walkable country. When camping in Austria, you should make sure that you walk as much as possible. The beautiful nature is waiting to be discovered and the best way to do so is by walking. You do not need to waste money on a tour and instead, you can carry a map and walk to different places. There are a ton of free hiking trails around Austria. Thus, you can enjoy the outdoors and save money.

  1. Swim In Lakes & Rivers

One of the best things about Austria is that it boasts gorgeous lakes and river. This is why you should take the opportunity to swim in the lakes and rivers. Make sure you do some research about which lakes are ideal for swimming before planning your trip.

  1. Contact A Local

The best way to explore the Austrian outdoors is by having a local accompany you. There are a ton of tours that offer great services. Make sure to check them out.



Camping in Austria is an experience of a lifetime. Hence, you should follow the camping tips mentioned in this post for a spectacular time.