The pandemic has actively cancelled summer, globally. Schools, libraries, swimming pools and almost everything else is closed.

In a time like this, parents are wondering how to occupy their kids productively. While there are a lot of fun activities they could indulge in, here are a list of some really fun and productive ways to keep them busy.

Virtual Safari:

Let the kids explore nature at its best so that they can learn more about it and can have fun at the same time.

Your kids can’t go to safari or a zoo? Guess what? They can go on a virtual safari. Yes that’s right! Many universities and institutions have setup virtual safari through which you children can learn in a fun way about nature and animals. Some of the live cams are:

  • HD on Tap
  • com
  • Explore
  • The Fiona Show

Audio Books:

Following the pandemic, a lot of companies have launched audio books. Make a playlist of your child’s favorite audio books and encourage them to listen to positive, reassuring, fun and informative content. You can pick their favorite author, artist or entirely introduce them to new ones.

Backyard Beach:

Since beaches are closed, you can build your own backyard beach and have fun setting it up. Order two mini pools from an online store, such as Amazon.

Fill one pool with sand and the other one with water. Set up a table of snacks containing refreshments and food. Put chairs on the side and your backyard beach is ready! Let the kids make sand castles out of sand and play in the water so that they could enjoy as if they are on a real beach.

Home Improvement:

Give your kids some task so that they can feel responsible and have fun at the same time. For instance, helping them set their own room.

You can help them Paint their room or assign them small tasks so that they remain occupied.

Paint, Dance and Create!

If your kids have a certain type of talent such as dancing, singing, painting, etc. They can polish their skills by actively practicing it. They can learn how to dance with the help of YouTube tutorials.

Famous dancers have also started online classes and you can get your children registered for a very minimal fee. You can also hire a vocal tutor who can take online classes and help your children learn singing. Give them canvases to paint and let them explore via different mediums.

Backyard Camping

Since you can’t take your children to a camping site, you can easily set camp in your backyard. Set up tents – light a camp fire, roast some marshmallows, tell scary stories and you will get the whole camping vibe!

Once life starts to get back to normal you can probably compensate for this year’s vacant summer plans by booking some really cool kid friendly cruises.

Until then, you should indulge your children into productive and healthy activities. So once things get less chaotic they can return to their schools and friends with tons of knowledge and some really cool skills!