Magento is an ecommerce platform engineered such that it provides on-line merchants in different regions the option of an adjustable and customizable cart system, additionally to assist the management over the planning, content and practicality of their on-line store. Magento offers powerful selling, program optimisation, and tools for content management. Magento is one amongst the simplest ecommerce platforms obtainable nowadays, with editions starting from community open supply, to massive, large-scale enterprises. Magento is a popular and leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform that is specially designed for ease of access, choice and to provide the option of optimum performance that can empower over two million on-line retailers so far. Magento is highly recommended and is chosen by every one out of four online business retailers and merchants.

Offering powerful and versatile options Magento’s intuitive administration interface provides expert Magento developers to help you in advanced selling, program improvement and catalogue specific management tools to regulate the planning, content and practicality of each merchant’s distinctive ecommerce web site.


Why use Magento?

For businesses and people who wish to develop a sophisticated and professional eCommerce website, they should consider Magento as their top priority. This is considered to be the ideal platform for open-source enhancements which can be attained easily by expert Magento developers, and to build an online store of your own. But the important factor is, that is highly professional yet free. Basic features of Magento are as follows:


  • Product management- Allowing a variety of images, and the option to review as well as add to your own favourites list.
  • Category management- Easy Navigation to find the Products
  • Inventory – Organizing and Managing the products that are required in stock or are in excess.
  • Client Information- All information regarding your client’s account status, his/her transaction history, address, shopping cart etc.
  • Customer service feature: Customer contact and email for enhancing your service and to attend to their queries.
  • Payment Options- Many payment methods are available such as credit card payment, PayPal, Google Checkout etc that are also feasible for international customers.
  • Tools for Better Marketing and Promotion- Coupons, Discount Codes etc.


Magento is also used for community wise products for the ecommerce shoppers. Magento can easily permit outlets which have only a couple of merchandise and can help them to simply expand to tens of thousands of merchandise and complicated custom behaviour while not forming any dynamical platforms. It offers a range of plug-ins and themes which may simply enhance a customer’s expertise. There are present a great deal of aspects to the online store which require to be designed. It only comes to custom practicality where the need for additional complicated programming arises.



Benefits of Magento

  • Convenient and easy to use, with the option of multiple layouts, themes and plug-in options
  • Open source technology that offers flexible, scalable ecommerce solution to daily issues
  • A reasonable and cost-friendly program
  • It allows to avail a variety of discounts and promotions on purchase
  • Provides the option of more than fifty payment gateways