Recreational kayaking has quickly become extremely popular throughout the world. If you are looking for ways to get outside more often, then it is time that you consider getting a recreational kayak. If you don’t have enough space to store a kayak in your place, you can consider an inflatable kayak. Ever since the first inflatable kayak came out, more and more people have started to consider recreational kayaking. There are many benefits of recreational kayaking. Kayaking is a physical outdoor activity which makes it obvious that it offers many advantages. So, let’s find out what these advantages are.

Weight Loss

One of the main reasons why people start recreational kayaking is because it is a physical activity that boosts weight loss. According to Health Fitness Revolution, it is believed that about 400 calories are burnt every hour you kayak at approximately 5 mph. This means that if you go recreational kayaking during the entire afternoon, you would end up burning 1,600 calories. Although, the per-hour rate of calorie-burning might be lower than swimming or running, however, kayaking is fun and can be done for hours on end.

Relieves Stress

There is no better way to relieve stress than by getting outdoors. It allows you to reflect on your life and see the bigger picture. When you go recreational kayaking, you get to cut through water using your muscles and watch nature pass by. It is the ultimate antidote for high-maintenance children, a stressful job or any other personal problem.

Puts You in a Happy State of Mind

When you do recreational kayaking, it improves your overall mental health. Certain chemicals in your brain are released during aerobic exercise such as recreational kayaking. The chemicals boost your mood and confidence. Moreover, when you kayak, all those negative thoughts go away. Thus, recreational kayaking is the perfect excuse for a happy and healthy life.

Social Glue

Recreational kayaking does not need to be done alone. You can also have your friends join you. During the holidays, it could be a great way to catch up with your friends or to meet new people. There are always people that kayak and when you go kayaking, you could end up making new friends. There are also various options for group recreational kayaking excursions.

Upper Body Workout

Do you want a toned upper body? Are you looking for ways to impress that new girl in the office? Then recreational kayaking is just for you. The only way to move when kayaking is by using your shoulders, back, and arms. They are the main muscle group of your upper body. When you execute a proper stroke, every single muscle in your upper body is used. Therefore, you will start to notice your upper body becoming more muscular when you kayak.

Improves Heart Health

Recreational kayaking helps improve your heart health. Besides, your heart requires exercise. It is the only muscle in the body that is constantly working and that is why it requires exercise. When you work out, you strengthen your heart in the process.