Central location testing and home use testing are effective product research methods that give brands direct access to consumers. However, knowing which research method to invest in can be complicated.

So, does your new product require central location testing or home use testing?


What Is Central Location Testing?

Central location testing is often referred to as hallway testing, as it is usually conducted in controlled community settings, such as supermarket aisles, shopping centres, and inner city-centre eateries. It is a type of product market research that gathers and records feedback directly from consumers.

During the central location testing process, all participants are placed in the same testing conditions, which allows for more objective feedback. There are different central location testing methods, such as the paired comparison test, repeat paired comparison test, and the sequential monadic test. The location and research method used depends on factors such as the feedback you require and the nature of your product.


What is Home Use Testing?

Home use testing allows participants to test your product in the comfort of their homes. Participants are supplied with the product, use it, and provide feedback that you can use to make improvements.

During the testing period, consumers will use the product for its intended use throughout the course of their ordinary day. The turnaround for these tests can be as little as three weeks, depending on your research objectives.

This personal engagement allows for accurate data and detailed qualitative feedback. At the end of the testing period, you will know exactly what consumers think about your product.

Choosing A Central Location Testing Or Home Use Testing Specialists

To enjoy the benefits of central location testing, you must choose the correct research method.  Wirral Sensory Services, help leading UK brands to choose and conduct the most suitable research methodology for their brands.

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