Strava is one of the most popular GPS tracking services that widely used by cyclists and runners. However, it is possible for some runners to end up having to use a treadmill to meet their running requirements due to certain constraints.

Ever since the introduction of Strava, treadmill running can be leveraged for useful insights. However, the service tracks data based on distance using your GPS. But, it is either inaccurate or blocked when you run indoors. Although Strava is unable to work on treadmills because of no GPS access, it does not mean that there are no alternatives for tracking your mileage. This post aims to help you connect Strava with your treadmill activity.

So How Can You Track Your Treadmill Activities Using Strava?

Keeping track of treadmill or any other stationary activity is not that as easy using Strava unlike outdoor cycling or running which utilize the GPS. But, the good news is that there are still ways to get around this.

Manual Input

An easy and straightforward way to track your treadmill activity is by manually inputting your distance. You can use a spy camera to monitor how many times you have run on the treadmill or for how long. It will give you an accurate idea about important details which you can then insert on Strava to track your treadmill sessions. On the other hand, if you have an Apple Watch or any other Strava-friendly device/ watch, you can also use it for tracking treadmill activity.

Easy Steps for Manually Entering Data

  • Find the “Upload Activity” section on the account. It can be easily spotted by locating an orange plus sign.
  • Next, choose “Upload activity manually”.
  • You will enter the credit for the training or any other activity and save it.

Easy Steps for Marking the Activity as Stationary/ Treadmill

  • Find the “My Activities” Tab.
  • Choose “Edit” from the workout that you want to mark as treadmill activity.
  • Choose “Mark as Stationary”.

After you have inserted the treadmill activity manually, it would be saved and included in your running history storage. These steps will allow you to keep track of your entire treadmill activities without any hassles.

So Where Does Strava Even Work?

As Strava uses GPS technology, it has boundaries. By utilizing manual input, you get to consistently add all your information to the Strava website. Advanced cyclists and runners will have an easier time employing Strava on their smart device for precise and efficient data.

A Clear GPS Signal

To ensure that you get to track your running, you will need to get out of your home and enable your GPS. Strava utilizes the mechanism set by the GPS for recording your activities accurately.


Once you have gone over this post, you will have no trouble connecting Strava with your treadmill activity. Now, you can run at home or wherever the treadmill might be and get effective results. It does not get better than this.