COVID has made life difficult. It has taken over the regular life and destroyed it completely such as job routine. Children have stopped going to school because of lock down and social distancing. Teaching is moving online on an untested scale. Many assessments have been cancelled and no one knows when this pandemic is going to end. It can have long term effects on people and the society. One of the most important thing that has been effected due to this virus is education. Schools, colleges and universities are closed and due to this, the children are suffering a lot. In this article, you will get to know about COVID and its impact on the education system, let’s get you started!

In the higher education system, many universities and schools are changing their traditional exams with online assessment tools. With this, both teachers and students are facing difficulties. Students face difficulty in understanding the courses and the teachers are facing difficulties in operating the online classes. The students who were supposed to graduate this year are facing major interruptions in their assessments. Not just that, but they will receive their degrees a bit late due to COVID.

Since the education system has moved online, students are facing difficulties. They are not able to concentrate on their studies. They have to cope with stress of both, the pandemic and of their studies. The teachers on the other hand are also facing difficulties. Due to their age and lack of knowledge regarding the online platform, they are unable to teach the children effectively.

Government and the officials are trying to come up with a solution where they can facilitate the students and the teachers. Cambridge International Education System was of great help in this pandemic. They gave the students the predicted grades their teachers gave them. This turn out to be good as everyone was able to pass their O-A level exams easily.

Various different platforms are being introduced such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Skype, Google Hangouts, which can be used by schools to teach the students online. Different internet services are also trying to improve their Wi-Fi quality so that there is no disturbance during the class and the students learn effectively.

Not just that but to improve education, teachers are cutting down the syllabus so that there is less stress on the students. The education commission is also working hard. They are constantly in touch with the educational institutions to get the feedback. Different platforms are also being created where the students can suggest and file complaints regarding online education and how it can be improved.

Although COVID has disturbed everything but one of the main thing that has been affected is education. This is the time where all of us need to work together in order to survive in this pandemic. Teachers and students need to cooperate with each other so that the education is provided to students in effective way. Check out 토토사이트 if you are up for online betting!