EMF protection devices can help you get rid of the radiation emitting from the devices around you. These devices include your mobile phone, laptop, television etc. The main question is, whether these EMF protection devices work or not. Answer to this question depends on the type of EMF protection you are using and the brand of the EMF protector. Some are slightly effective, while others are more effective.

Different types of EMF protector, work in different ways. In order to make them work properly, you need to find the right EMF protector brands. In this article, you will get to know about some of the brands offering EMF protection.

EMF blockers:

This is one of the EMF protection devices which blocks electromagnetic waves coming from the devices around you so that you are not exposed to any sort of radiation. Devices included in it are cell phones, laptops, televisions, computers, tablets etc. There are some certain considerations you need to know about before opting for it.

With this, an EMF meter is given with which, you can see whether the protection device is working or not. Cases for tablets, cell phones ad laptops are affordable and may show measurable reductions in EMF’s. However, these products only work on some of the devices, more like the devices which they enclose. Clothing, hats and fabric, these EMF blockers are not popular and are quite expensive. Moreover, they don’t even offer an EMF meter to check and are not fashionable at all. The EMF blocker paint, fabric and metal are used to block large amount of radiation coming close to you. However, they are not that much effective and are quite expensive as well.


EMF harmonizers:

These EMF protection devices tend to harmonize the energetic frequencies or the radiation. With this, your health is not negatively affected. These devices include stickers for your mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, tablets bracelets etc. They also offer harmonizers for your whole house as well as your car.

These devices work on a subatomic level, which means that you cannot measure whether it is working or not with a device. The only way to measure them is to take psychological measurements before and after applying it. There are various products available. From quantum to scalar level. The price range also varies, it can start from a few dollars and end up with hundreds of dollars.

Crystal and minerals:

These are devices used in jewelries which consist of crystals, minerals or rocks. They act as EMF harmonizers. You cannot measure with a device that whether or not, they are working. There are not many studies available whether they can be used as EMF protection or not, also some people find it effective. They can be easily found in a fancy jewelry shop.

In order to make them work, you need a device which measures its ability to work, as well as provide complete protection against various radiations. Make sure that you look at EMF Assure if you want to gain a complete knowledge about it. Choose the device which best suits you and make yourself feel protected!