Meditation is a practice that must be calming and able to unite you to yourself and the world. According to studies, it has been found out that it helps to develop one’s memory and stop the mind from drifting too much, for instance, e.g. during studies or work. Some people take it as a back-breaking exercise, and are unable to do it for a long time. On the other hand, there are people who have trouble with finding a relaxed position which would help them meditate for longer. However, with the perfect meditation chair that that could help maintain the right posture, either of the groups would benefit!

3 Best Chairs for Meditation:

1.     Best Chair for Meditation with Back Support: Relaxing Buddha:

Hands down, this is among the best chairs to meditate on that one can find to help provide back support with customizable softening according to your personal desire and your preferred meditation positions. Swami Dhyan Unmesh designed this particular chair to permit individuals to sit in cross-leg posture and the lotus posture comfortably. It has a great back support generally with the extra cushioning for your lower back. Using the arched meditation cushion, one can also sit in Ardh Siddha Asana comfortably while escaping any numbing of the legs. People purchase this chair for yoga or meditation to help them sit in a proper, relaxed position all day. It is portable as it can fold up and easy to keep at home.

2.     Best Portable Chair for Meditation: Picnic Time Portable Rec Chair

Even though this chair isn’t designed particularly for meditation, it’s a great choice if one wants a light chair that is easy to shift. It is created for recreations and camping therefore called the Picnic Time portable chair. It is made with a frame of steel of light weight and cushions made of foam. Its back can be adjusted and has six recline selections. The chair can offer to give great back support to sit restfully on the ground. The cushion for the seat is enough to support the legs and knees, but it has a comfortable base for the lower body. The chair’s back can fold flat which makes it easy to carry. The handle eases it further to transport the chair and it can fit in suitcases but can’t be carried on bag. For meditation practice at home, this is preferred as a number one portable and inexpensive choice.

3.     Best Ergonomic Meditation Chair: Alexia:

Alexia is among the great meditation chairs and a mix between a meditation chair and cushion. It has an ergonomic look made to fully support the legs and it also permits one to sit in a suitable lotus posture to meditate while sitting. The seat has a slanted angle which allows one to be in the best posture for your spine to be safe and for comfortable meditation. One may comfortably rest their feet below without any weight straining them from above. From the sides, your knees are kept comfortable to prevent any discomfort. The Alexia is a brilliant substitute those who can’t sit on the floor, but keeps them near the floor in the best posture.


Numerous talented builders have created a particular meditation chair for every purpose. While purchasing one, you must remember things are made to actually offer great support for the body and helps you focus while meditating.