Existing on the earth for more than 450 million years, Fish was established long before dinosaurs roamed around the earth. Scientists claim that there are around 25000 identified species of fish on the earth, while around 15000 are still unknown.

The small island of Aruba located off the coast of Venezuela welcomes its visitors with pleasant weather, attractive tourist destinations and numerous Caribbean fishing adventures, apart from everything else. Commonly referred to as the Boat and Fishing Paradise, Aruba is known for deep sea fishing starting at Renaissance Marina, treating you with distinguished fishing trips in packages of 4-hours, 6-hours and for full day Aruba Fishing Trips.

A treat to all your working senses, Aruba Fishing is a lot more than what you had been dreaming of. While on your fishing vacation to Aruba, you will be trained on various types of common fishing techniques for a better experience.

Given below are multiple ways of fishing that you can practice and learn at your adventurous trip to the island.

  • Inshore Fishing – One of the various types of fishing is the Inshore fishing that is known to be done in waters that are no deeper than 30 meters. The requirements for a fishing vessel are not intense as the fishing is practiced in small boats.
  • Deep Sea Fishing Aruba – This type of fishing is one of the most common one out of all. Also known as Offshore Boat fishing, Sport fishing and Big Game fishing, Deep Sea fishing can be practiced at a place far away from the land that requires waters as deep as 30 meters. Deep Sea Fishing is a form of angling where anglers drop the lines in waters to catch the fish. This type of fishing is known to deliver the best catch such as Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo throughout the year.
  • Fly Fishing – One of the most difficult fishing techniques is known as Fly fishing as it requires enough practice, knowledge and a lot of patience. To practice fly fishing, you must carry heavy-duty rods between 8 and 12 wt so that you can hunt for big catches. You have a chance of landing at a variety of species on the fly offshore ranging from Bluefin Tuna, across various Billfish to the beautiful Mahi Mahi.

To make your fishing vacation to Aruba the most memorable one, Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba, one of the best Fishing Charters on the island has got multiple fishing trips planned for you based on the time duration that you want to spend fishing.

Have a look at various fishing packages offered for your convenience-

  • Morning– If you want to get done with your adventure early in the morning, you can take up a 4-hour trip in the morning itself. Starting at 8 AM in the morning, this fishing trip costs you US$ 440. In this package, you will be trained with multiple fishing techniques such as trolling a successful catch. As per the Aruba fishing reviews, this package is considered ideal for children and beginners in fishing.
  • Afternoon– If you are not one of the morning lovers, you may also take up the same package in the time slot of 1 PM to 5 PM. If you feel that a 4-hour long fishing trip won’t be enough for you, you can opt for a 6-hour trip only at US$ 660 and book a slot for yourself for 7 AM to 1 PM. If you are somebody who has never been on fishing before, the Aruba Fishing guides will educate you on basic angling skills, thereby making sure that you have the best first experience of fishing in Aruba.
  • Full-day– If fishing is the absolute love of your life, and you can never get enough of it, you can also book a full-day trip for as long as 8 hours with the Fishing Charters in Aruba. This package can be booked at US$ 880 for a time slot between 8 AM and 4 PM. The package offered is for you if you are an experienced fisherman, allowing you to travel further offshore and hunt for potentially larger catches than shorter trip variety.

To catch exactly the fish that you want to treat yourself with, you must follow the Aruba Fishing Calendar. Learn more about the most suitable fishing seasons to exactly catch the fish of your choice-

  • The months of Summer will have Atlantic Bonito, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi in store for you.
  • During the Autumn, you can try your hands at the species of Rainbow Runner, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, King fish, and Wahoo.
  • Pleasant Winters of Aruba bring along plenty of Great Barracuda, Bull Shark, Wahoo and Atlantic Sailfish for your catch.

While the waters also have Red Snapper, Fishing charter does not catch these fish as they don’t have much to offer for you to eat. Out of the multiple ways of Fishing in Aruba, hand line, consisting of a fishing line, hooks and lead weight is the most common fishing method for fishing in Aruba.

Right when you are done with your fishing adventure on the Southwest coast at the island, Living Easy Sport Fishing Charters Aruba, one of the best fishing charters in Aruba offer you an option of reserving a delicious meal at the renowned Driftwood Restaurant located downtown. You can get your catch of the day cooked for you in 5 different ways, served with side dishes only at a minimal amount of $19 per guest.

Aruba Fishing Charters provide you with all the required guidelines and safety measures that you may need on your Aruba Fishing Excursions. Going by the Aruba Fishing regulations, the tourists visiting the island do not require Aruba Fishing License for experiencing the adventure of fishing, as rated for Fishing Aruba on TripAdvisor. Fishing Aruba Guides are bound to serve you with the best and most memorable fishing experience of your life, and you are sure to want to visit the beautiful island of Aruba for fishing every today and tomorrow.