Windows hosting has become more popular than ever before. More and more people are using Microsoft .Net framework these days. Despite its popularity, not many companies offer Windows hosting India. When it comes to Windows hosting, it is available in various shapes and sizes. From dedicated plans to basic shared accounts and enterprise-level cloud plans, you can choose a plan that suits you best. However, the biggest challenge faced by most people is finding a host that provides all the features you possibly need.


What You Need To Know About Windows Hosting?

If you are using .Net or ASP scripts or even Microsoft Exchange, a Windows solution hosting solution is just what you need. Keep in mind that you do not need to opt for a Windows server if you have a Windows laptop or PC. Web hosting tends to be completely independent of the operating system you use in the office or at home.


When Should You Choose Windows Hosting

There are different servers out there. You should choose Windows hosting for certain technologies and applications. The following are some of the situations where it would be the best fit.

  1. .Net Framework

A Windows server is a necessity for anything that relies on the .Net framework. Windows is needed for just about everything that is written in ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP .Net.

  1. Virtual Basic

A Windows server will also be needed when you work with Visual Basic (VB). It is required for hooking into any products that are available in the Microsoft stack like SharePoint or when working with Exchange. The same applies to design content using SharePoint Designer.

  1. SQL or FrontPage

Finding a web host that offers support for FrontPage extensions or SQL can be quite difficult. Windows offers support for SQL.

  1. MS SQL and MS Access

When you use an MS Access database, you would need Windows hosting. The same holds true when you use MS SQL Server.

  1. Not Looking for the Cheapest Option

Another reason why you might consider Windows hosting is when affordability is not an issue for you. Unlike Linux which can be super cheap, you would need to pay a bit more for Windows. However, it offers greater control and there are some databases/ programming languages that Linux simply cannot support. With Windows, you have the option to use Remote Desktop for accessing the server and you do not have to use C-Panel.


When Windows Hosting Is Not The Best Choice?

There are certain situations where Windows is not the right choice. It includes when you want to use Python, Perl, CGI, or PHP. In such a case, Linux would be the better option as it tends to be more versatile. You can still install WordPress on the Windows server but you will not get as much support.



At the end of the day, the hosting service you use depends on your personal needs. Hence, it is important that you first understand what you need.