The world is changing and robotics is only speeding up this process. Robotics is bringing a new era to not just production runs but also for the manufacturing of customized products. It might have been impossible using traditional methods. A new age of product customization is emerging because of industrial robotics.

Manufacturers can now carry out faster set-up times with the help of industrial robotics. Absolute Encoders are vital to making use of industrial robotics. It provides crucial data for the positioning and speed of a particular device. If you need advanced solution, check this page here.

Reduce the product life cycle with robotics. Manufacturers around the world are under pressure to highly automate their production and to adopt flexible industrial robotics to remain competitive in the market.

Robotics has grown from being a world of building blocks to real-world computing. Robots today are progressively integrated into various types of production lines. This has led to industrial robotics experiencing market growth.

The Grand View Research has suggested that the market for industrial robotics is expected to reach a whopping 41.2 Billion Dollars by the year 2025. This is due to several reasons such as the need for cost-effectiveness, optimized production efficiency, quality assurance and safe working conditions in dangerous environments. Industrial robotics offers positive opportunities for market growth.


Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning + Industrial Robotics

When it comes to industrial robotics technology, the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning cannot be ignored. This has led to AI and ML being used for industrial robotics technology. It has led to the adoption of collaborative robots for various applications.

Co-bots allow direct interaction with humans in a defined collaborative workspace. They have created a wide range of possibilities for task automation. Universal Robots are being deployed more than ever before for various applications. The following are some of the applications.

Pick and Place: Co-bots can be used for maintaining consistent productivity rates among employees working across multiple shifts.

Machine Tending: Machine tending used to be a manual process where workers had to stand for hours to tend to the machine. This meant that the employee was in contact with a machine that was dangerous for an extended period. Co-bots can help handle various machines for the employees.

Quality Inspection: The inspection system can be potentially automated with co-bots. It is cheaper to deploy into the workspace.


Industrial Robotics Everywhere

The robotics industry is considered to be very lucrative. Companies throughout the world are using industrial robotics for performing a wide range of tasks. By investing in robotics technology, companies can take advantage of improved productivity and a more efficient production cycle. Robotics technology can also be deployed in operation management.

Furthermore, industrial robotics has gained a huge market share in the retail sector as it helps businesses improve in-store customer service, retain maximum footfall and manage retail warehouses. Industrial robotics has also made headways in the healthcare sector such as by assisting with surgeries, dental care, research and development, and diagnosing medical problems.