Moving all goods can be expensive, and even more so if it is done through a prestigious moving company and over long distances. But it’s a price worth paying, because you can be sure that all the goods will arrive safely to the new home, or at least not lose their value if the company has moving insurance.

The cost of hiring a moving company can vary depending on several factors, such as the prestige of the company, the amount of services contracted, the type of service, the distance between one home and the other, the amount of goods to be transported and even their weight.
The common thing is to charge first for the total weight, which can be worth up to a thousand dollars or euros, depending on where you are, and then add the cost of other considerations.

Factors that define the cost of the move

The first factor that the removal company evaluates in order to pay for its services is the total weight of the goods. To do this, the first step is to go through the home to evaluate all the belongings that will be transported and thus quote the service. The standard price in dollars that most moving companies have around $1000 dollars when the weight does not exceed 2000 pounds and the houses are not too far apart, and this price can rise up to $1000 dollars for each additional 1000 pounds approximately, while if the company is European this price can be around €700 euros if it is in the same city, and reach up to €2000 euros if you must move to another city and is a weight greater than 2000 pounds.

In addition to these prices there is a cost that will depend on the time it takes the moving company to move the goods from the old home to the new, which can mean a value of up to $ 60 and $100 dollars per hour, so moving them to a place too far away would be too high costs.
And to all this is added the cost of the property insurer, which some moving companies integrate in their quote or have to be purchased separately, but that is necessary because they guarantee that the value of the goods will not be lost, because in the middle of a move can arise many inconveniences and can destroy some property, mainly ceramics.

While these high charges can be avoided by renting or buying a truck to do the job yourself, it is always a good idea to leave the work in the hands of experts, because they know how to treat the goods with the greatest care possible and ensure that they do not suffer damage, while if you try to do it on your own could be many broken dishes and torn furniture.