When you have missing teeth and do not want the hassle of a removable denture, you could look for a non-removable substitute, the Fixed Bridge or the Dental Bridge. Choosing the cheapest option for teeth replacements might not give you the best or longest-lasting results. Before investing in a Fixed Bridge, it’s best to find a trusted dental clinic for a good investment. After all, this is intended for your well-being. Therefore, this article will not only answer the question – of how much Fixed Bridge dental service costs in Manila, Philippines. It will also tackle other options available for teeth replacement in most dental clinics. Fixed Bridge service is one of the most popular dental treatments most patients look for in Manila, Philippines.

It is a shared sentiment. People usually go for cheaper products or services and what they think is helpful. And same goes for knowing the price of the Fixed Bridges. The price range is around ₱ 10,000. to ₱ 28,000. per unit (each tooth). The cost array was such because choices and materials could comprise different categories. But remember, not all dental clinics share the same prices for their services. Some ask for less, while some will ask for more.

Three notable factors can affect the product’s price: the material, the complexity of the case, and the dentist’s expertise. So, naturally, such aspects can raise or reduce the cost of the service. But, of course, that only goes to say that the current patient’s dental status and the number of teeth missing will dictate the price of the Fixed Bridge they are getting. For a quality outcome, it is appropriate that the approved and accepted materials needed in the process be used instead of cutting corners to adjust the cost. That is so if the intention is to provide patients with the optimum dental care.

A Fixed Bridge is customarily composed of a false tooth secured by two or more support teeth where caps or crowns are placed for continuity. This way, missing teeth can be replaced and restored without the clasp, hook, plastic, metal palate, or extensions that dentures have. Because dentures are the most economical way to get more missing teeth replaced, patients have to live with their uneasiness. Usually, you could be dealing with occasional slips, the uncomfortable wide extent of the denture base– affecting your taste, sensation, and speaking (phonetics). Other factors like the appearance, shape, and size of your existing teeth also affect the remarkable cosmetic outcome that a denture can achieve. The customized approach of doing a Fixed Bridge diminished the dentures-related setback. Fixed Bridges are easy to maintain because they will feel close to having natural teeth. Likewise, dental bridges are comfortable, they look appealing, and they settle for extended years. Besides being more lasting, Fixed Bridges don’t require special upkeep. You can treat this prosthesis just like a typical set of teeth. That is why patients are becoming interested in Fixed Bridges as a replacement option for missing teeth, despite the cost and the complexity of the procedure.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) and Zirconia are the most commonly known materials for a Fixed Bridge. A Fixed Bridge made out of the non-precious metal base and porcelain build-up (PFM) is reasonably affordable at ₱ 10,000. per unit. Another PFM variant where a “Tilite” core metal is used underneath the porcelain build-up instead of the ordinary metal, costing ₱ 16,000 each.

In contrast, Zirconia bridges being the top choice cost much higher. Zirconia Fixed Bridge is more rigid and has a natural appearance, costing up to ₱28,000 per unit or piece. You can check them at Manila clinics and nearby locations like Makati, Pasay, Taguig, or Quezon City.

As for its substitute, a set of dentures are the economical choice for affordability. However, Fixed Bridge and Dental Implants are the best choices for replacing the lost tooth or teeth if you have the budget. It is not reasonably arguable that patients still decide on the kind of dental service they will be getting. They decide on what they think can benefit them the most. It is accepted that consumers choose those that provide the added comfort they can wear and show likably and serve them for a long time. Many patients still clamor for the Fixed Bridge option despite the associated cost.

You must ask for your dentist’s recommendation about the suitable service applicable to your dental situation. This way, you can consider the route you want to go and the choice you will favor for an informed determination. Choosing a dentist who can guide you through the process will make every cent you pay worth it.

After all, the price of getting a Fixed Bridge in the Philippines is affordable and feasible. But, you need to go to the dentist you feel comfortable dealing with, renowned for their practice and proven to do the service you want them done.