Singapore is actually very small. It is in fact, surprisingly even smaller than half of the actual size that New York is. Singapore is a country, as well as an island and it prospers just because of its amazing economy. It is also home to various different businesses that have been establishing headquarters all across Asia. Interns often find living in Singapore rather easy because English is one of the various official languages here, and because of its colonial history. Read on to find out more about how to apply for an internship in Singapore.

Interning in Singapore

There are over 600 employment partners extending from the funded start-ups to the large international businesses, and the Singapore program proposes many internship opportunities like PR, Advertising, Marketing, Consulting, Technology and IT, Business administration and Fashion, specifically. If you get a chance for interning in Singapore, you can easily get some confidence, individual edge, as well as cultural variety which employers look for, assisting you in standing out in the saturated job market today.

Eligibility Requirements for Internship Programs in Singapore

  • Students should be of the age group 18-25.
  • They must be undergraduate students currently or graduates of any of the universities present in France, Australia, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New Zealand, USA or UK.
  • It is important for the undergraduate students to have been full-time students and even residents of any university present in the above mentioned countries before they even apply for a particular internship program.
  • It is important for the graduates to be residents and full-time students of any university present in the above mentioned nine countries.

Preparation to come to Singapore for an Internship

  • Student card
  • Accommodation
  • Passport that is to stay valid for a period greater than 6 months
  • School letter written in English
  • Flight Ticket
  • Overseas Insurance


Application process

1.     Submit the Application

It is important to submit an application for an internship in Singapore. You may submit your application via the online application-processing system of your specific internship program. Once the applications open up, a web-link to the application-processing system will be available on the page.

2.     Take the Online Assessments

Once you get shortlisted, you will need to take a verbal and numerical reasoning assessment test. These tests won’t take longer than just about 30 minutes to finish and they can be attempted from any sort of a computer. These assessments are asked to be finished by 3 days, because they are needed for the purpose of sending in your application for the next step in the selection process.

3.     Get Interviewed

The last stage of the enrollment process would be the interview the program conducts. All the shortlisted candidates are contacted by the Graduate Recruitment group for the arrangement of face-to-face or telephonic interviews for overseas applicants, by the business line director/manager. You would be asked about yourself, values, experiences, goals and your interests in the interview. This is also a chance for you to find out more about the program.

4.     Receive the Offer

If you succeed at the last stage of this process, the Graduate Recruitment team would contact you and they will send you a written employment offer. Next, all you’ll need to do is decide if the program is ideal for you.


The living standards in Singapore are great. Because of this, as well as the restaurants, clubs and low crime rates, people usually love the idea of interning in Singapore.