When it comes to buying earbuds, you are spoilt by choice. There are just too many options to choose from. It can almost seem impossible to decide which earbuds to get. Typically, when you purchase a new phone, you get free earbuds. However, they tend to be of low quality and do not last long. This is why it makes sense to buy new TWS earphones. But, how do you know which earphones to get?

There are three things that customers usually consider when in market for earbuds. They include brand, price, and design. People look at the overall appearance of the earbuds and only if they are stylish do they even consider getting them. Rather than focusing on the colour of the headphones or their price, the following factors should be considered to choose the right earbuds.


Consumers who are intelligent know that price, brand, and looks do not prove quality. You might be wondering how you can know if the product is even good. The answer to that question is quite simple. You need to look into their specs before you make a purchase. Learn as much as you can about them to know which ones to get. If you are shopping online, you should check out the product description carefully. The following technical specs should be considered.

  • Sensitivity: It refers to how loud they can go. When looking at sensitivity specs, you need to think about how the electric signals would change into acoustic signals. Thus, make sure to look at the sound pressure level. Mid-range level of sensitivity should be sufficient for safe listening.
  • Impedance: It is used for measuring the opposition of the circuit in relation to current. The higher the impedance, the less current would flow. For maximum power, you need the earbuds to match the impedance of the source.
  • Frequency Response: It is measured in Hertz and refers to the audio frequencies’ range which would be repeated. By knowing the frequency, you can choose the right option.
  • Drivers: The sound pressure can change depending on the electrical signals. It is these signals that are responsible for creating sound. The larger/ stronger the driver, the better the sound.

Perfect Fit

The thing about earphones is that not all of them fit your ears. The shape of your ear and the design of the earphones impact your comfort. It is crucial that you find earphones that fit your ears perfectly. If you get ones that do not fit well, they would end up hurting your ears. Find ones that nestle gently against the ear hole. Rubber tips are better than plastic ones.

Specialization and Type

Earbuds are available in all shapes and sizes. Choose ones that suit your needs and the activity you plan on doing. For instance, you need earphones that fit securely if you want to go for a jog or workout. Consider sound isolation, noise cancellation, Bluetooth, and sweat resistance to get the best ones.


Now that you have gone over this post, you can find the right earbuds in no time. Make sure to consider everything mentioned above.