Bhutan is a beautiful country that is nestled in the Himalayas. It is a landlocked country that neighbors China and India. Bhutan is part of South Asia. Unlike its neighbors, Bhutan had isolated itself for many years which led to the creation of a unique culture. The untouched beauty of Bhutan is out of this world. Ever since Bhutan opened its doors to tourism a few decades ago, people from around the globe have started to travel to Bhutan. Many Americans who are interested in Bhutan are curious about its rare culture and want to experience tranquility. No other destination offers such peace.

Although the United States might be located on the opposite side of the globe, more and more Americans have started traveling to Bhutan. They are delighted by the happy culture and pristine mountain air. Now, even though Bhutan is considered one of the hardest countries to visit, it is completely possible to go to Bhutan from the United States and this post will help make your dream of visiting Bhutan a reality.

Travel to Bhutan by Air

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind is that that there are no direct flights from America to Bhutan. Only two airlines fly to and from Bhutan namely Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air. These airlines operate within the region. You can catch a direct plight to Bhutan from Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, and different parts of India. Thus, if you are flying from America, you will need to fly from one of these destinations. It is easiest to fly to Bhutan from Nepal or India if you live on the West Coast. As for East Coasters, Thailand and Singapore are a great choice. An economy flight to Bhutan would cost you around at least $500.

Travel to Bhutan by Land

Since the United States lies in North America, you will need to fly to an Asian country in order to travel to Bhutan by land. Your best options are India or Nepal if you want to visit Bhutan by land. There are various trains that run from India to the Bhutan border.

Strict Tourism Policy

If you are planning a trip to Bhutan, you will need to first apply for a Bhutan visa. The country has a strict tourism policy to curb mass tourism. Travelers are not allowed to travel to Bhutan by themselves and have to hire an authorized tour agency to organize their travels. Tourists are required to spend a certain amount of money every day. Anywhere from $200 to $250 should be spent each day as a minimum. The tour agency will make all your bookings including accommodation, local tour guide, food, land transports, and etc. Only the tour operator can apply for your visa.


This post provides you with crucial information if you are planning on visiting Bhutan from the USA. A trip to the country is worth every penny. It will change your perspective about the world.