The kimono is one the most stylish wearable items which can be paired up with anything eastern or western. We see many of the high brands like Debenhams, Zara, etc. playing around with different styles of Kimonos by making it casual and at some of the times as party wear. So, it can complement anywhere. But we want to be trendy, no? So, if we aren’t always buying from the high-end brands and using the local kimonos or getting it stitched then what can be done to look stylish and trendy with it. For a casual look, we all know it’s prevalent to pair it up with a crisp white top along with denim to look super-chic. But what else option we have? Like a velvet kimono or a neon-colored silk kimono for evening wear. It means there are various styles which can be glammed up with Kimono to look stylish and ay the same time it’s very comfortable to wear in summers and winters both. Because it doesn’t make you feel tight or sweaty and has a very comfy impact on your body. You can wear a mini dress or skin-tight jeans beneath; both would look super-stylish. So, let’s discuss what the different styles to wear Kimono in style are.


Hippie Girl Style

If you want to look decent and stylish at the same time, then the Hippie girl look is just for you. You can take any printed or floral fabric for your Kimono and pair it up with any neutral color preferably black. Not only this, but the whole look can easily be completed with big black round sunglasses, high-long black boots and with a pair of sleek-black jeggings. It would give a modern-looking chic look which can easily be pull off anywhere.


Lounge Wear Style

Many of the girls don’t want to wear kimonos at home as it confuses them but trust it me it gives a very sexy look. Kimonos come in all lengths and colors with a wide range of different prints so you can wear it with anything. It can be wear with PJs as well, yes! For a pool party or just on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It goes with everything.


Minimal Style

If you want to keep your style minimal, then take simple kimono in black or white color and pair it up with any charcoal grey or navy blue color t-shirt with a stylish pump. It would look exquisite and minimal at the same time.


Multicolored Style

The multi-colored look in the form of geometrical shapes, abstract art, stripes, and floral print; in all ways and designs it looks entirely different and stylish. These beautiful prints can be made with a long lacy, flare style especially in silk fabric. Similarly, printed kimonos can also be paired up with capes and short jackets. They look cool with denim and shiny pumps.

So, here comes a question where to find trendy kimonos so, why not try choosing a wide range of Kimono designs from Sun Imperial and give it a shot.