Children these days use smartphones, computers, and tablets. They have access to the internet from a very young age. It is impossible for parents to have complete control of their child’s online activity from far away. However, as the internet has its fair share of predators and dangers, it is important for parents to use spy phone apps to monitor their kids and ensure they are safe. These apps provide parents with the support they need to keep an eye on their children and know what they are up to online. Spy software allows you to supervise just about every application on your child’s phone. You can even set helpful alerts and stay updated about whatever they are doing. Let’s take a look at how you can monitor your child using child protection apps.

  1. Geo-Fencing Alerts

With a spy app, you would be notified if your kid heads to a certain part of town by setting the geographical perimeter for where you want them to stay or go. Thus, you will know whenever your kid goes somewhere they had promised not to go. It could be a trip to the mall during school hours or a certain neighbourhood. You can monitor where your child is going throughout the day. This means that you would know if they go to school on time and are back home as soon as school ends. If anything goes out of place, you will be quickly alarmed when you set geo-fencing alerts. Therefore, you get to monitor your child and ensure that he or she does not skip school and is safe from external dangers. Parents can use spy apps to track their child’s live and historical whereabouts.

  1. Remotely Use Camera and Listen 

Many spy apps these days use advanced software that allows one to remotely use the camera and listen to what the person has to say and decipher their surroundings. You can use the advanced features to activate the phone’s microphone to listen to everything. Similarly, you can also activate the camera to get a live video feed of what is going on. These features are especially important when there is a risk that your child might have been abducted. Not only do you get to track their location but also see and hear their surroundings. Now, parents can bug their child’s phone to have complete control.

  1. Keyword Alerts

Another excellent feature that parents can use to monitor their kids is keyword alerts. They can easily set a list of words that would alert them if the word is used for web search, text messages, emails, social media, and the like. Some words that you can set the alert for include “porn”, “sex”, “kill”, “murder”, “suicide”, “alcohol”, “drugs”, and anything else that is considered illegal or dangerous.


Child protection/ spy apps are commonly used by parents. They allow parents to not just monitor their kid but also read between the lines.