Without a doubt, there are a variety of artificial beauty elements that can change your look entirely. One such thing is wigs, that can make the wearer look gorgeous and feminine. After all, hair is one of the most notable parts of a woman that people find most attractive. And long luscious hair is easily the top-wanted interest that amplifies one’s inherent beauty.

Among the variants available, human hair lace wigs are one of the top favorites, and rightfully so! With thin glossy hair fibers and an almost real feel, going out while wearing these is sure to turn countless heads. However, before going ahead and purchasing one for yourself, you should first know what you are dealing with.


What are Lace Wigs?

The lace wigs have a base made of comfortable lace fabric, with each hair strand attached to it intricately. In fact, the process is so well done, it is hard to detect which is real hair and which is not when you wear it. Made through a process termed ventilation, these wigs come in different varieties of lengths, colors, etc.

A major interesting part of the human hair lace wigs is the waterproof adhesives that go along the hairline region. This helps to hold the wig in place, while also giving a natural hairline illusion. Plus, it is incredibly easy to wear and does not waste away in months if you maintain it properly. Overall, with its good-quality assistance in improving one’s looks in matters of hair texture, color, length, etc., the popularity is obvious.


Types of Lace Wigs

In the question of types of lace wigs available, there are only two; but both are equally attractive options. Depending on the consistency and placement of the wig on the head, the main varieties are mentioned below.

  • Full-coverage lace wigs- Full lace wigs are the more commonly chosen types of wigs, owing to its fuller coverage area. Usually, you need to attach it to your scalp using hairpins, or adhesive, and it gives a fuller appearance. And for those who have thinner hairline or hereditary baldness, the fuller lace base hides the entire region. They are comfortable to wear and breathable, and give the wearer a more natural look. However, they require more time in application and you have to use the glue to the entire hairline perimeter.
  • Lace front wigs- Without a doubt, these human hair lace front wigs give a beautiful look, made mainly of soft Swiss or French lace. The basic composition of this version is that the lace fabric only covers the frontal area of the head. The rest of the wig is left for you to adjust accordingly, and you can try any kind of look you desire. Plus, the back areas and the side areas are mainly made of polyurethane or monofilament, but still, look natural. You can wear it for a longer period and the fabric itself leaves your scalp room to breathe.

Factors to consider before buying

Of course, there are various reasons why you may need to buy human hair lace wigs. And owing to that, considering these following factors at first is very important.

  1. Style

Indeed, the initial thing that you should carefully think over is the look you want to portray. Not every style goes well with every face type, and thus, you should reflect on that. Not to mention, if it is your first time using a wig, it is best not to choose a complicated style. Choose a custom wig that you are used to or are comfortable sporting, and start experimenting later. Also, if you have a particular type of original hairstyle, it is best that you choose a similarly-styled wig. This would enhance your hair, adding volume in the right places. For example, if you have straighter hair, picking a curly wig would clash against it.

  1. Texture

One of the things that you should seriously think about is the texture of the lace wigs. Some textures go with particular body figures and facial structures. For example, if you have a tinier face structure, you can choose curly human hair lace wigs, as it adds volume. As for broader women, straighter hair helps give off a slimmer appearance.

  1. Length

In the matter of a look that you are portraying, people subconsciously associate some hairstyles with particular personalities. Shorter hair gives off a serious and classy appearance and also opens up the face more prominently. In contrast, longer hair is associated with a womanly and glamorous vibe and is suitable for most clothing styles. Thus, depending on what you relate to more, you can choose the length of the wig.

  1. Durability

Another thing that you should look at is the durability factor of the human hair lace front wigs. These wigs can generally last for more than 1 or 2 years, as they are made of human hair filaments. However, the way you care for it and how frequently you use it can affect this factor. Thus, look into the quality of the wig, but also remember to maintain it well after purchase for its longer lifeline.

  1. Glue

Most full lace wigs have glue around the entire circumference, and frontal lace wigs have that in the front. Thus, if you have an allergy to adhesives or your skin is sensitive, it is best not to choose this. Instead, opt for those that come with clips, or adjustable straps. While it does take more time to apply around your head, they are safer for your scalp health.

  1. Cap Size

Indeed, before buying human hair lace wigs, you should consider its cap size. After all, this factor determines how well it would fit around your scalp. Thus, buy a wig according to the size of your head and also if it comes with adjustable straps. While most people can comfortably wear an average-sized lace wig, you should measure your head’s entire circumference first. Accordingly to the measurement, buy the right wig with the suited cap size for you.

Indeed, lace wigs are a great addition to consider to get a more attractive look, and still look natural. Consequently, think carefully about what would suit your face type, your scalp, and your personal preference, and buy accordingly.