You are probably familiar with cannabis drug from Cannabis plant. But, just in case, cannabis, also commonly known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug used for both recreational and medical purposes. It can be used in multiple ways, such as, as an extract, smoking, within food and vaporizing. This article aims to highlight some interesting facts about Cannabis seeds.

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1.    There are different types of Cannabis seeds

Even though, there are numerous cannabis seeds available in the market, for understanding purposes, they can be divided into three class.

·       Regular Cannabis Seeds

·       Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

·       Feminized Cannabis Seeds

2.     All Cannabis seeds look identical to one another

All Cannabis seeds look like same. However, the difference lies in their types. Regular cannabis seeds give both female and male plants. This means that if you buy regular seeds, you will have no control over the sex of the plants. On the other hand, feminized cannabis seeds always produce female plants. Female plants are significant because of producing high potency cannabis. Auto-flowering seeds can be feminized or regular seeds. These seeds produce plant with a life cycle of around 2 to 3 months during which the plant germinates, grows and flowers. Most auto-flowering seeds available in the market are the feminized seeds.

3.     You can actually eat Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are edible. These seeds are a good source of protein and essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9. A good example is Cannabis Sativa L. seeds.

4.     Cannabis seeds are expensive

The cost per Cannabis seed can be up to $12 or even more. Moreover, due to the fact that this breeding industry is largely unregulated, you might end up paying more than $16 for a low-quality seed.

5.     One Cannabis plant can produce hundreds of seeds

If you successfully grow a cannabis plant out of high-quality seeds, you are in great luck!

A single cannabis plant can produce up to hundreds of seeds. Considering the costly production of cannabis plants, you can receive a good profit.

6.     You can easily collect cannabis seeds but cannot germinate them

In many countries, you can easily collect cannabis seeds but due to growing drug culture, there are harsh penalties for growing a plant out of them. Therefore, you should not play afoul game. Always follow the rules and regulations of your country with respect to cannabis.

7.     The history of Cannabis seeds goes back to thousands of year

In 2007, the oldest cannabis seeds were found in a grave in China. These seeds were around 2,700 years old. Fascinating, right? This suggests that humans have been using cannabis seeds for thousands of years.

8.     Cannabis plants can be produced by accident

Yes, you read it right!

You can germinate cannabis plants by accident. This is because hemp seeds are one of the common ingredients in bird food. Therefore, whether birds drop it or you empty the bird food bowl in your garden, there is a possibility of growing cannabis plants by accident.

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