For most women, menstruation can actually be a source of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms can range from food cravings to emotional sensitivity, as well as menstrual cramps. Women are often found complaining about various symptoms about every 28 days.

For years, women have been using cannabinoid products and CBD for cramps, particularly in the management of menstrual cramps. Let’s find out how effective CBD really is for cramps.

What Causes Menstrual Cramps?

In the few weeks right before the beginning of menstruation, the levels of estrogen increase in the body of a woman and the uterus starts building up its tissues. Next, menstruation starts and so the uterus then contracts to assist in expelling out the uterine lining.

The contractions of muscles of the uterus are elicited by prostaglandins. These are hormone-like compounds that are essential for the uterine contractions to occur particularly during the process of labor.

These compounds are also helpful for the constriction of the uterine blood vessels to prepare the uterus for giving birth, as well as in promoting certain inflammatory signals. The higher the prostaglandin levels are, the stronger and more intense will be the menstrual cramps. Women are obviously aware that such cramps aren’t only painful or uncomfortable, but they also have the tendency to get in the way of their professional, as well as their personal life.

CBD for Decreasing Pain and Inflammation

At present, CBD has not been approved by FDA for the cure of inflammation, pain or the menstrual cramps.

However, certain researches have highlighted the possibility of an interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system, which has helped in the modulation of inflammation and pain. CBD has been derived from a plant called hemp, and it has the ability to provide various soothing and calming advantages without generating a psychoactive effect, as generated by THC.

Endocannabinoid system is responsible for many essential effects of the body right from the head down to the toes. It also has the ability to control various other sites of one’s body that might be affected in menstruation and PMS, such as the digestive system and the skin.

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

CBD has the ability to get absorbed right into the bloodstream. This helps promote an internal balance especially during menstruation.

CBD might help ease menstrual cramps in some of the women. But everybody’s body doesn’t function or react the same way. Therefore, it’s ideal to begin with just a few drops of CBD oil and then gradually increase the dose as needed in order to benefit from all of its healing properties.

In addition, the endocannabinoid system does play a very essential role in the management of anxiety and stress. Using CBD oil during or around your menstrual cycle might even help your endocannabinoid system in minimizing your mood swings.


So women, you might as well just save yourself from all this pain and monthly suffering by including CBD oil into your daily routine. Both your mind and body will be grateful to you for it.