The use of CBD is relatively new in the United States. The recent Farm Bill is the reason behind the legalization of the use of CBD. However, the laws are still developing and they might seem confusing for some. It is important for you to stay informed as the law is novel. Follow how the law is unveiled to stay ahead of things. This article will help you understand better if it is safe to take CBD and drive at the same time.

What is Legal?

CBD that contains not more than the set 0.3% is legal. Therefore, it is vital for the CBD that you consume to be of a lower level than the set limit.

Effects of CBD

It is legal for truck drivers taking CBD to drive. Most non-foreign CBD contain the right amount of THC which is lower than 0.3%. It will help ensure that you are balanced and wouldn’t affect your driving performance. It also means that you wouldn’t experience any of the psychoactive effects and would be able to safely drive in traffic.


It is advised that you shouldn’t try out something new, especially when driving. You should be aware of the THC content and effect of the CBD. As a rule of thumb, you should try using the CBD a few times before giving driving a try.

CBD Usage

Performance will be altered when you use cannabis in certain ways. Some of the examples include, slowing down your reaction to time, concentration and altering of visual perception. You could even feel less focused which would definitely affect your driving. In order to ensure that you do experience any of these serious effects, avoid using CBD that contains THC that is more 0.3%. THC is normally used for medicinal purposes.

Developments in CBD

Cannabis is normally used for medicinal reasons due to the qualities of the CBD. Users would feel a positive effect on diabetes, depression, arthritis and other health conditions when they use CBD.

Besides the medical benefits of CBD, it shouldn’t affect your driving performance. You wouldn’t feel high when you use CBD as the level of THC is too low for you to experience such an effect.

Rely on Your Own Judgment

The best way to ensure that it is safe for you to take CBD and driving is by relying on your own judgment. You should be able to notice any changes if any when you consume CBD. If you do not experience any of the psychoactive effects, then it is safe to drive about in the United States. Remember the laws are in place to ensure that everyone is safe.

Health Benefits

CBD provides many health benefits to users. More research is being done in the usage of CBD. Make sure to buy CBD from a trusted company or ask around before choosing a company because it is possible for the company to lie about the THC percentage in the packing. There are many CBD companies that provide unique CBD products.