Water is important for all of us and it wouldn’t be wrong if we describe it as our life. As a point of fact, water comprises around 50% to 70% of our body weight and is extremely vital for most bodily functions. And so for all, it is essential to keep in mind that if there is any shortage in average body water – maybe due to thirst, illness, work out, or heat stress – it can make us feel down. Initially, we get a feeling of being dehydrated and exhausted, and it may also cause a little headache. Then sooner or later, it results in bad-temperedness, and mental & physical decline.

If you want to make sure that your body is always healthy, then you should regulate your body’s water level really well through eating and drinking. But if we talk about infants, sick people, elderly, and those with demanding physical job, they find it a bit tough to do, in particular in the heat.

Know What Goes On When You Are Dehydrated

Did you know that by the time you get a feeling of being thirsty your body is already dried out? Yes, and it is because our thirst system remains behind our real level of hydration.

It has been established that dehydration (even as little as 1%) has an off-putting effect on your mood, consideration, memory, and motor coordination. As per some studies, it looks like that brain tissue fluid drops off with dehydration; as a result it diminishes brain volume and affects cell function for a short time of period. Also, health experts say that as you drop body-water devoid of swapping it, your blood turns into more intense and, at a point, this makes your kidneys to hold water and because of this you urinate less.

Not merely this, but less water also creates problem when your body tries to regulate temperature and on account of this you may face the problem of hyperthermia (in which the body temperature goes extremely up then the normal level).

How Much Water One Should Drink?

When it comes to normal water, it needs range significantly owing to a lot of factors including making of body, metabolism, diet, typical weather and clothing. In line with experts in microscopy and testing services, an adult man should drink 3.7 litres on a daily basis, and it is 2.7 litres for an adult woman. In addition to this, one should get more or less 80% of total daily water from any sort of drink like water, tea, coffee, juices, etc. and the rest 20% from the food items. However, it is just a rough idea, but you can check your own hydration by following these things:

  • Regularly check your body weight and make sure that you stay within 1% of your typical weight.
  • Keep an eye on your urine. It is important that you urinate daily (more than 3 or 4 times) and it should be a pale straw or light yellow color lacking strong smell. In case, you urinate less frequently or it is a darker color (or very strong), then it means you need to drink more fluids.

Last but not least, you should always be aware of drinking adequate fluids. Also, your fluid intake should check the perception of thirst.