In today’s era, car and road accidents are one of the most increased mishaps. Today, we will see what are some of the most common causes of car accidents and how can you be more secure while driving. Thousands of previous lives get waste in these horrible car accidents because life goes into severe danger due to rash driving. That is why it is essential to drive and oblige all the traffic rulings carefully. It is not always essential that if you are careful, then accidents won’t happen, because it’s not a guarantee that every other person running their cars on the road would be as cautious as you are. Most of the times you are not at fault, but apparently, you can’t blame others for your ignorance or damages caused by other’s mistakes.


Most common causes of car accidents

Following are one of the most common causes of road accidents:

·       The Phone

Turning your phone on to check if your strategy to increase your instagram followers worked is a very dangerous thing to do. Checking your whatsapp or facebook messages is too.

·       Distressed Driving

The disturbed driving turns into a huge risk each year and has been the primary source of the motor accidents for as long as decades if it’s not too much trouble for anyone.

·       Driving in a drunken state

Driving in a drunken state is a standout amongst the most unsafe reasons for mishaps around the world.

·       Pushing yourself off the speed limit

Although it feels cool to push the speed as far as possible when you are running late, speeding is the second most regular reason for mishaps, so you should fight the temptation and remain inside as far as possible.

·       Driving at Night

Lack of visibility causes one of the worst accidents that’s why you have to be extra alert at the night time. Use your full lights when on a deserted road without streetlights.

·       Defects in the car’s design

Sometimes most of the road accidents are caused by the faults in the design of the car.

Tips to avoid car accidents

  • Drive slow in large traffic scenes and be careful about the pit holes, blind cuts, and wrong turns, etc. Try to be cautious about both directions while driving and crossing the road.
  • Be gentle and kind towards other drivers. Try to give them extra space. It’s a regular road, not a driving test and competition.
  • Always look backwards carefully while reversing your car. It is the best approach to not to be much dependent on the mirrors instead have a safe method of relying on real guts as well.
  • Checkup your car’s engine regularly and do proper maintenance when you need it.

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