If you have had an accident causing personal injury that was not your fault within the last three years then you are probably owed compensation. Getting qualified free advice from personal injury solicitors is straightforward.  With correct guidance and care from an accident claim solicitor your case can be simple process. There are many things that a specialist lawyer can help you with, including seeking compensation for things such as :

pain and suffering

medical costs and expenses

loss of work, wages and income

damage to property

other types of loss, general expenses and legal expenses

insurance excess


When a person has been injured in an accident, especially when it was the fault of someone else, they have the right to make a claim for compensation. An accident claim is directed against the negligent third party however in reality it is usually an insurance company that deals with the matter and eventually pays for any settlement that is agreed between them and the victim or their lawyers or is awarded by a court.

There are occasions when the negligent third party (the defendant in an accident claim) does not have any insurance, however that person will never the less still be responsible on a personal basis for payment of any damages and costs that may be awarded. In the case of a motor vehicle accident if the third party is not insured than a claim for a settlement can be made to the UK Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) which pays compensation to the victims of untraced (hit & run) drivers or uninsured drivers.

One matter that should always be born in mind when settling an accident claim is that the third-party insurers have a responsibility to their shareholders to maximise profits for the company. This means that if you are not represented by your own lawyer you are likely to be offered bottom of the range settlements indeed perhaps no settlement at all if they think that they can get away with it. If you are represented by a solicitor, then the insurers must pay reasonable and fair damages and in addition it is incumbent on them to also pay any legal costs that you may have incurred for professional representation to get a reasonable settlement. This means that compensation can be paid in full with no deductions by your personal injury solicitorss who get paid for their time by the third party insurers as a separate unconnected item.

If you have been injured and you intend to pursue damages in an accident claim, one of the most important aspects to ensure that you win your case is evidence preservation. This involves several different actions the most important of which is for the potential claimant to make a detailed written statement of the circumstances of the accident immediately after it happens and thereafter to keep a diary of subsequent events. Witness details should be recorded or obtained, and your lawyer should take signed statements as soon as possible after the event. Photographs of the location and of the damaged property and injuries should be obtained and the healing process should be documented photographically.

Accident claim company adverts are everywhere these days. Television, radio and magazines all carry promises to win you riches if you have had an accident. In truth however, specialist personal injury solicitors have been around for a very long time. There are over a dozen different groups of professionally trained legal experts who are independently vetted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in their particular area of law which includes The Personal Injury Panel. It is with these individuals that the law is handled with appropriate expertise and with these specialists that you can gain maximum compensation, without deduction, for the injuries you may have sustained in an accident.

No win no fee usually means that when a solicitor takes on your case, you are exposed to no risk. Some accident claim company terms mean you have to pay for expenses as the claim proceeds however you should not pay a penny. This means you should not pay the legal fees, the court costs or the other related expenses. This is a program designed specifically to help people who could normally not afford to protect their legal rights. It gives everyone the same access to justice. If you need compensation because an accident or injury has caused you significant loss then you deserve to have a solicitor who is prepared to put his experience and knowledge on the line for you – to the extent that he is confident enough to promise you his work for free if he does not succeed on your behalf.

There are many places that legal advice can be found – libraries and the internet for example. However, it is sometimes a better idea to explain your specific situation to another human being. These are just a few of the many types of accident where a personal injury solicitor can help:-


accidents at work

accidents in public areas including parks, pavements and roads

road accidents or accidents involving cars and vehicles

slipping or tripping in private or public places

occupational injuries, industrial disease and illness

catastrophic injuries and fatal accidents