Costly damage to your roof that may be caused due to wind or hurricanes can be easily prevented through some basic maintenance that you can even do yourself.

Since we want to protect our homes from hurricane damage, we keep a protective lid on it. Therefore, it is the roof that takes all the pressure from winds of 155 mph and end up in worse conditions than ever. These winds can cause an uplifting effecting which subsequently pulls off roof shingles, tiles or even the entire roof deck. To keep your roof in place and effective, it is important to always keep it well-maintained.

Getting Personal with Your Roofing

Once every few months, homeowners should invest some time into inspecting the condition of their roof. This includes checking the roofing itself and any loose, missing or damaged shingles/roof tiles. These specific weak areas of the roof are what allow strong winds to damage the roof entirely and could lead to a huge wreck if not handled properly.

Another method of inspecting your roof is through the attic. If you find any light seeping in from the roof, it might be time to get some fixing done because these gaps are what allow wind and water to cause damage both inside and outside your home. Additionally, homeowners should examine the rafters for any damaged or lost nail tips which clearly indicate that the roof is not entirely safe from hurricane winds and damage.

Protecting Your Roof from Future Damage

Fixing roofs does not necessarily have to be very heavy on the pocket. There are many simple and cheap ways to make your roofing hurricane-proof and ensure that you have nothing to worry about. The simplest method is by applying roofing cement below each shingle tab with a caulking gun, which will close off any gaps that might be invisible but present. Following this, construction adhesive can be applied to the seam between the rafter and deck which will provide for additional strength and help your roof last longer. Lastly, reapply some roofing cement to the edges of the roof where shingles might be exposed in order to prevent any further damage from occurring.

While all these tips might be considered extremely basic and simple, they are what contribute the most towards wind damage.

Another equally important aspect of protection against wind damage is associated with rain gutters present on the roof. If these gutters are above 15 years of age, it is highly likely that they were only nailed in with a large spike. These old-age gutters can become extremely harmful as clogged rain gutters can destroy your entire roof in only a few hours.

If you do not have an effective gutter cover, always make sure that your gutters are clean and well-maintained. They must be clear of all leaves and debris after the hurricane winds to ensure that there is no serious damage caused.

Lastly, homeowners should invest into strengthening their overall roof structure. This can be done through the installation of metal clips that provide a strong connection between your roof and walls. The added support will be able to fight any strong hurricane winds that may otherwise cause your roof to be ripped off.