The S.M.A.R.T. concept can also be applied to gamsat.  It refers to the criterion that is used for setting objectives and goals. The goals are classified as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.  The main idea behind the concept is to allow students to adhere to the SMART criteria and effectively study for the gamsat. Therefore, before planning for studying the gamsat books which are the most useful, students should use the following when setting the goal for studying.

  • Specific: When studying for the gamsat, students should target a specific area or topic for improvement or focus on answering a specific type of question.
  • Measurable: Students should quantify their work done meaning that all of the questions that they answer should be measured in terms of how well they performed and scored according so as to allow for measurable progress.
  • Attainable: In order to effectively study for the gamsat, students should be realistic of what they can cover and work towards achieving what that based on the existing constraints.
  • Relevant: Only focus on the relevant areas, meaning those areas which you are weak in. Spend more time improving your performance on these areas.
  • Time-bound: Have a deadline of when you would want to be complete with studying for the test.


Stay Motivated

There is no use of feeling stressed or worried about the test. Instead, motivate yourself to study for the test and achieve the marks that you are aiming for. It always helps to join forces with other students who are always interested in the test.


Focus on Building an Understanding

Learning is a process which builds on itself. It is quite similar to building a home. You can’t simply know the entire picture in one go. In order to build an understanding on each of the sections that will be tested in the gamsat exam, students should listen to lectures, take notes and read textbooks to better comprehend the subject. There is no trick to it. Memorization and formulization would only get you so far. The fact is that the gamsat does not test you on your memory but your skills on deep learning and applying of these skills.

Do not entirely rely on a strategy of memorization or formulization as the human brain is not a computer which can memorize infinite knowledge without forming a structure of the knowledge that has been acquitted.


Learn Holistically

Instead, focus on learning holistically. It is an alternative strategy which focuses on using the information which has been acquired. It involves putting the concepts learned together and compressing the information so as to see the bigger picture. The following techniques will help you learn holistically.

  • Teach It: One of the best ways to understand a topic is to teach it to others.
  • Leave no page unturned: Every single topic should be covered and summed up as a whole.
  • Find patterns: There is always some similarity and link between topics. Therefore, find the patterns to better understand them.