Since, the advent of technology and social media in particular, our lives have changed drastically. Just about anything can be done online, from buying products to work. One of the things in life, which has changed significantly due to technology and the internet, is dating.  Before, men had to specifically go to places to meet women. Although, it is still important to go to places to meet women such as by heading to the club, an event or socializing in your circle, dating apps has changed the entire game of dating.

Dating apps are easy to use and convenient. Whether you are looking for love, fun or a hookup, a dating app will make it easy for you to meet girls who are down for what you are looking for. There are thousands of apps which are available online for meeting girls. There are a few which stand out. The 5 best apps to meet girls have been listed below.

  1. Tinder

Just about every millennial uses Tinder or has at least heard of it. Tinder has changed the entire dating landscape for good. It has made it extremely easy for men and women to find people they like and who like them back. It requires little to no effort, to use the app. There are plenty of girls who use Tinder and you should use if you want to get lucky. Tinder can be used by just about everyone. Straight, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people can all use the app for whatever they are looking for.

  1. Bumble

Bumble is another dating app which is exclusively for heterosexuals. When you sue the app, you have to provide all your details and wait for women to message. The rules of the app are simple, only women can message men. Once a woman has messaged you first, you can start to chat with her. The app is location based and where will help you find girls nearby.

  1. Ok Cupid

Another popular app to meet girls is Ok Cupid; it is available for both android and iOS. It has a massive user-base and is quite straightforward to use. There are many features which are available on the app which help you make matches. There are even personality quizzes and even Instagram integration to help you find the perfect girl.

  1. Match.Com

The app has a smooth user-interface. All you have to do is create a personal profile and start making matches. If you match someone and they match you back, then the two of you can start chatting. The app has a bunch of features such as Tinder and Ok Cupid.

  1. E Harmony

If you are more traditional and are looking for long-time partner, then E Harmony is the app for you. It can be difficult to find girls who are looking for commitment. With the E Harmony app, you will find a girl who is looking for more than a date or a hookup and wants to find a partner.