Hair loss is a common dilemma faced by countless men and women. While most of the times the hair loss is temporary other times it could it be permanent as well, which usually leads to a lot of personal self-esteem issues amongst people.

With developing techniques and advancement in the field of dermatology, you can now regrow your hair back fuss free. The procedure for Hair transplant involves the use of hair follicles from a donor site and replanting them at areas of receding hairlines, baldness and hairless patches. While the process is slightly painful here are some of the Pros and Cons you should be aware of before undergoing a Hair transplant!

Pros of Hair Transplant

Aesthetic Value:

One of the most valuable advantages of undergoing hair transplant is its aesthetic value. Semi-baldness and receding hairlines can damage one’s self-esteem. Hair transplant can help you regain your lost confidence, make you look young and add a bit of frill to your personality. It has been known to improve mental health regarding self-esteem and confidence.  It especially comes in handy when people suffer from signs of premature aging and baldness, and is known to boost one’s confidence in social and personal capacities.

Longevity of the treatment:

Hair Transplant maintains equilibrium in the overall follicular growth and distribution. This process allows for new, fresh and natural hair to grow uniformly. Once you get the treatment you won’t have to consider other treatments for hair growth. The new hair would be exactly the same as your previous hair and the natural cycle of follicle and hair growth would continue for its entire lifecycle.

Considerably easier procedure:

The process of Hair transplant involves a meticulous procedure of implanting naturally existing hair follicles form a donor site to the site of baldness. This process is performed under local anesthesia and is a reasonably safe, less painful and more efficient procedure. If you have undergone previous grafting procedures than you would not face any complexities, nonetheless a trained professional will test you for any complexities beforehand.

Assured Growth and Long term advantages:

In most cases the hair grows naturally after the process has been successfully completed. Your new hair batch will be healthier, fresh and you would not need any other treatments after this.

Cons of Hair transplant


As most of the medical treatments Hair transplant comes with its own set of disadvantages. One of them being the cost, Hair transplant is usually expensive and can be a bit less gracious on your wallet. Hence it is important to keep this treatment as your last resort and consult a professional in order to increase the chances of its effectiveness.


The time for recovery post a Hair transplant can take up to 3-4 days at minimum. In case of excessive pain or bruising you might have to stay indoors for at least a maximum of 5-6 days. It is important to clear your schedule in order to avoid any last minute problems before undergoing a hair transplant procedure.


There are minimum chances of aggravated infections but your dermatologist will be able to guide you through the process in order to avoid any problems. Although the chances of infections and a hemorrhage are very rare it is important to take sufficient care once you have undergone the process.


The process leaves some scars on the scalp, which is usually never visible. However, they can be visible once you shave your hair. .

You should carry out sufficient research before undergoing a Hair Transplant surgery in order to increase the effectiveness of the procedure. It is imperative to invest in a good dermatologist. You can look up for some of the best Hair Transplant treatments in NYC and regrow not only your hair back but also boost your self-confidence!