Are you wondering how much you can earn in the digital marketing industry? Let’s face it, it is a great time to join the marketing industry. This is not just because of the social media channels and new platforms. According to the survey, the salary for the marketing industry in 2017, went up an average of 19%.

Thanks to digital marketing, a wide range of opportunities are emerging. This includes the careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago. As the industry expands, it is being automated. This eliminates the requirement of face to face customer service. It increases the need for a good online presence.

This will have a positive impact on salaries in digital marketing. It is good for those who are willing to spend time and effort in learning new skills. In this article, we have mentioned some of the career options along with average salaries.


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Digital Marketing Manager

The job of a digital marketing manager is to create advertising strategies and campaign and implement marketing projects such as small business seo services
. Their aim is to promote the product on the internet. Through loyalty and brand recognition, the manager will try to increase sales. It is the responsibility of the marketing manager to be well-educated in e-commerce. They should also keep up with the changes that take place in the digital marketplace.

A Digital Marketing Manager has an average salary of $64,459 while the average salary of Inbound Marketing Manager is $74, 347.


Social Media Expert

For businesses, having a strong social media presence is crucial. With the passage of time, the users of social media are increasing day by day. According to a survey, 80% of the Instagram users follow a business page. There are 26% Facebook users who click on an ad to make a purchase. In the last year, the ad engagement on Twitter increased by 91%.

So, for having a good social media presence, you need a social media expert who can do everything. From establishing a presence to building brand loyalty.

There are different positions in social media marketing. Here are the average salaries along with job titles.

  • Social Media Marketing Manager has a salary of $49,552.
  • Social Media Strategist has a salary of $51,248.
  • Social Media Manager has a salary of $49,146.
  • Social Media Coordinator has a salary of $39,024.
  • Inbound Social Media Manager has a salary of $54,514.
  • Social Media Specialist has salary $41,702.

The Content Manager has an average salary of $56,709, and Blogger has a salary of $41,889. Mobile Applications Developer has an average salary of $72,037 while the software developer has an average salary of $69, 674.

Therefore, digital marketing is expanding and creating new opportunities and careers. These careers will leave you well-compensated and fulfilled.

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