Dryers are simple machines that make use of fuel source for heating the air. They have a motor and fan that help blow the air. However, dryers can easily break. But, you do not always need to call a professional to help fix your dryer. This post shares some of the top dryer repair tips to help you fix the issue on your own. The tips are mentioned below based on the issue.

  1. Dryer Does Not Start

Sometimes, you might try to use the dryer to only find out that it does not start. The first thing you should do is check to ensure that the dryer is properly plugged in. It might sound simple but many people end up calling a dryer repair technician to only find out that all they needed to do was properly plug in the switch. The plug might get bumped loose when something falls or by your pet.

  1. Dryer Does Not Start Even Though It Is Plugged In

Now, if you have checked to see if the dryer is properly plugged in and it still does not start, chances are that the electrical outlet it is plugged into might not be working. Hence, you will need to check the home electrical box to find out if the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown. You can easily switch the breaker back on and replace the fuse. It is also a good idea to check the voltage in your outlet using a voltmeter. You do not need to call a technician immediately if the outlet is not working. It is possible that the dryer power cord might have failed. Check to see the voltage and have the power cord replaced if required.

  1. Dryers Powers On But Does Not Start

Sometimes, the dryer might not power on even if cord and breakers are working perfectly. It could be because the there is a power surge or outage in your home. Find out if the thermal fuse of the dryer has been damaged. If it blows, you can easily replace it. Every dryer requires a door switch in order to work. It is also possible for the switch to break. In such a case, all you will need to do is replace it.

  1. Dryer Does Not Heat Even When Running

If your dryer switches on and then off quickly, there might be a problem with the thermal resistor or thermostat. The thermal fuse might have blown which could be the reason why the dryer does not heat. To see if the dryer is working properly, use a voltmeter. You should also use the repair manual to check the timer and heating element. In most cases, the thermal fuse would need to be replaced.



Dryer and oven repair is quite similar. The tips mentioned in this post should help you with repairing both your dryer and oven. However, if you cannot fix the issue, you should consider calling a professional.