2020 is here, and so is the mark of another year bringing new advancements in technology. No matter to how much extent the gadgets goes, using the most unique ones in everyday life can be very difficult to afford. For this, we have gathered a list of the best 6 gadgets from For All Pockets that are nor only affordable, but also serve best in everyday usage.


1.     Mini USB Light

The Mini USB light might not be the latest gadget, but it is among the most popular ones for this year. Since most of the work and entertainment has shifted to our tablets and laptops, working in the night can be a problem if your partner hates to keep the lights on. The Mini USB light attaches to your laptop and serve as a mini lamp to help you work on your laptop till late night. This is also very affordable in terms of price and comes in unique shapes and colors.


2.     Mini Quadcopter Drone

The Mini Quadcopter might seem a little expensive on the pocket, but as compared to its other duplicates in the market, For All Pocket offers a reasonable price. This quadcopter drone comes for personal use and works on batteries with the help of a remote control. This is small, and the recommended usage for this would be to practice it outdoors.


3.     Mini RC Drone with Helicopter

Since the invention of drones, they have been a hot topic for all the gadget enthusiasts, an have been a target for all to buy. The Mini RC Drone with helicopter can fly to great lengths, and it comes in a very reasonable price as well. This 2020, you can fulfill your drone excitement in a budget friendly way.


4.     Rechargeable Head Lamp

Since the beginning of 2020, there has been a new wave of environmental conscience, and for this purpose, there has been an increase in the use of energy free sources. Rechargeable head lamp might need a bit of electricity to charge, but it goes a long way and consumes far less than an average lamp. This gadget comes in a very reasonable price and works anywhere, even outdoors.


5.     Magnetic Charging Cable

Tired of data cables and exploited wires? Magnetic charging cable is the solution to end all your worries. Taking care of charging cables can be a big headache because the plastic coat of wires can break very easily, and the metal might even rust after some time. The magnetic charging cable is easy to use, hassle free, and charges your electronic device quicker.


6.     Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Gone are the days of headphones and handsfree ear phones with wires.  2020 is the wireless era, and gadgets like air pods and wireless Bluetooth handsets are winning the gadget game. For All Pockets offers a variety of affordable wireless Bluetooth handsets which you can invest in easily. This gadget is easy to carry, easy to wear, and easy to use!