Building a great website requires a lot of effort and it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot to take into account in terms of what products you’re offering and what services you provide says this web design malaysia company. Keep in mind that the web design must be customer-centric so customers are attracted to your business.



Navigation plays a major role to make your website great because sometimes people get confused, they open one thing and it leads to another so the options and the links should be direct. Good navigation assists users and promises more productivity.



You should use strong headlines which are applicable to your terms and lead specifically to targeted action-base engagement on your website. Headlines should be brief and focus on what your site can do for the visitors and what service your site provides. There should be a clean design to make your website look professional and easy to use.



Language plays a major role while making a website. Once you have the attention of people towards your website, you do not want to lose them, so your language should be clear and easy. The forms you put in your websites should be easy to fill out. They should not be lengthy and time consuming. A well versed content has the key to ensure consistency.



Use your creative imagination while designing your website. Be imaginative! But be precise. You don’t want your customer to get distracted by unnecessary pop ups. Use videos and infographics to keep the content user friendly while making sure the customer stays on your website. A lot of modern sites like Gilmedia, use minimal design while ensuring interesting ways to communicate with their consumers.



You should always prioritize scrolling over clicking. According to a case study, people went from having a simple shot sales page to twenty times longer than the original and the results showed that the conversion went up to thirty percent. Using ordered and unordered lists can make information more accessible. Be clear about your ideas, business, and your audience.



If you want to make sure that the visitors on your website understand your business clearly, you should add a video background or animation to your website to grab the visitor’s full attention. Videos and infographics can help save your customers time and increase web engagement.  Make sure to add only those images or videos that represent your business otherwise your website will become crowded.



Color scheme plays a major role in making your website great. Make sure that the colors you choose represent your business in a professional way and attract people. Get your inspiration from nature because nature’s color palette never fails.



Typography is very important while making a website. You must increase your font size so that the text is easy to read.

Following the above mentioned, easy to follow tips and tricks you can ensure that you make your customer satisfied whenever they land on your page. Hiring a web designer could also prove to be beneficial if you want to make your website look more professional and user friendly. Make a website now and let’s get to business!