Sports injuries are injuries which occur when you are engaged in sports, it can be football, basketball, cricket all the other sports. These sports injuries can occur due to various of reasons. These reasons can be overtraining, improper form or technique or starting a sport without any warmup. If you don’t warm up before starting to play, then it can increase the risk of sports injuries. Several sports injuries include Bruises, strains, sprains and broken bones. Soft tissues are can be majorly affected such as muscles, ligaments. Traumatic brain injury is also included in these injuries. In this article, you will get to know about the top three sports injuries, their symptoms and treatments.

Pulled Muscle:

Pulled muscle is also known as muscle strain. The cause of this injury is when the muscle overstretches and tears apart. Pain, swelling in that particular area, difficulty in movement of that muscle and weakness are symptoms of a pulled muscle. Muscles which are effected the most are calves, lower back, shoulders and quadriceps. If you have a minor muscle strain, then it can be cured with, rest, icing, compression and elevation. This method is also known as RICE. Some drugs such as (NSAIDs) may help in managing pain and reduce the swelling. If a muscle is pulled very badly, then you would have to go to a doctor and get it checked as soon as possible.

Torn ACL:

The ACL, also known as anterior cruciate ligament holds the knee joints together and provides stability so that you don’t get imbalance. Cause of torn ACL are many, such as, a direct strike on the knee, landing in a wrong position or stopping quickly. Usually, when the ACL torn, there is a pop sound and you feel as if you don’t have a knee, it gets numb. Symptoms include pain, swelling and loss of particular movements. If someone’s ACL is torn, they might experience difficulty in walking. A torn ACL is treated with surgery by using a piece of another ligament inside the body. A good amount of rest is required to restore the knee strength and to make sure that the joint is back on track. Depending on various factors such as age, health and activity, some people do not prefer surgery. In that case, they can opt for braces or a physical therapy which will help them in reducing pain but it will not cure it completely.

Sprained Ankle:

When the ligament that supports the joint is overstretched, it causes a sprained ankle. Ankle sprains are quite normal. Whether you are playing a sport or doing a random activity, you can get your ankle sprained. If you step on a wrong foot or accidently, twist your foot, you can experience ankle sprain. Pain cause by a sprain can be from moderate to swear. Treatment includes RICE method. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can aid in managing pain and reduce swelling.

Injuries are a must if you play sports. Just be a bit cautious and you’re good to go!

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