A city that is found in San Mateo County, Belmont is seated along the San Francisco Bay Area, by the San Francisco Peninsula, and in between San Carlos and San Mateo. The city used to be a part of Rancho de las Pulgas until the town achieved its incorporation in 1926. Guests who are visiting Belmont for the first time should not miss the Waterdog Lake, one of its main attractions, which is located close to the city’s highlands and foothills.


Things to Do

There are simply too many things for guests to do when visiting Belmont. One of the common activities for guests is to play golf at the Golftown of Belmont. The club is known for its friendly atmosphere, connecting with excellent green for golf lovers. Those who are interested in the history of Belmont can show up at the Belmont Historical Society to get their fill of the city’s history and explore some of the tokens from city’s past. To unwind, guests can brood, read coffee, or connect to the Internet together with some quality brew at the local Starbucks café. If hot coffee is not in the cards of things to do, guests can always enjoy a few hours ice skating at the Belmont Iceland, which is one of the top ice-skating rinks in the area.


Exploring the City

Some think it is hard to get around Belmont, but it really is not a huge challenge. While most of the attractions are within walking distance, there are some of the places to visit that are located quite farther. If this is the case, guests can always hire a taxi to take them to the places that they want to visit, or just rent a car for the duration of their stay. Public transportation via buses is also available; this is a great way for travelers on a budget to get around without any trouble. Some, on the other hand, prefer to go on bike tours which is an excellent method that guests can join, allowing them to explore the city without problems. Book your Belmont Hotels with Reservations.com.


Fast Facts

  • Belmont recorded a population of 25,835 according to the 2010 census.
  • The city is known for being one of the strictest cities in California, and for following the smoking ban in all businesses and housing units.
  • Belmont is the home of two known celebrities: Amaechi Igwe and Michelle McLaughlin.
  • The founder of the Bank of California, William Chapman Ralston, also created the Ralston Hall–one of the most historic landmarks in the city.


Best Dining Spots

Belmont is filled with various dining spots that offer its guests with many meal options. One of the best restaurants in the area is the Shalizaar Restaurant, which offers Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Those who want a bite of Italy can check out the Vivace Ristorante which offers scrumptious Italian delights for all of its guests and patrons. For sandwiches and small bite-size delights, Lorenzo’s Sandwich Shop offers some of the best solid sandwiches in the city.