Hair loss is a serious problem and it can cause a great deal of stress and confidence issues. If you think you are alone, then I’d gladly be able to tell you that you are not. According to research and statistics 50% of the people suffer with hair loss, in the US only.

Let’s find out some of the statistics around why and how hair loss happens and what the treatments for it are.


Here are some of the statistics regarding hair loss in US:

  • 50% People in US suffer from hair loss
  • Out of these 50, 47% are willing to do anything to regain their hair
  • According to American Hair Loss Association, on an average, a person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair every day because growth ceases in the telogen phase
  • Almost 35 million men suffer from hair loss in the US
  • Hair loss of 40% of these men will be noticeable at the age of 35
  • In the US, 21 million women suffer from hair loss
  • When it comes to both men and women, women experience hair loss at a high rate
  • 85% of the men who used topical foam treatment got effective results
  • In a study conducted by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 60% people believed that If they got their hair back, they would be more successful in their lives
  • 60% people said that they would choose new head of their over friends and money
  • Due to the advance technology, hair transplants have become faster and comfortable now. They produce amazing results that 85% of the people cannot tell whether hair transplant is performed
  • When it comes to hair loss, most of the men and women feel fear and anxiety because they believe that with hair they can achieve so much but without them they can’t
  • A study by American Hair Loss Association proves that 25% of the men see the first sign of hair loss at or before 21

Hair Transplant

Due to the advance technology, the process of hair transplant has become very easy and comfortable. There are currently a lot of doctors and hair specialists who are working to find how we can maintain our hair and what new treatments can be introduced. These clinics are providing the opportunity for individuals to regain their confidence with the best Hair transplants in NYC. You can get a chance to reverse the effects of hair loss and achieve the natural hair you desire, to put your best face forward with the help of experienced professional.


Treatments include:

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • FUE No Shave Transplants
  • Exosomes Stem Cell Treatments
  • PRP

If you are facing some serious hair fall issue and somehow it is affecting your confidence, then you need to book an appointment with a hair transplant or your dermatologist. Dermatologists will be able to help guide you out of this heart wrenching issue of hair loss and ensure the regrowth of your beautiful mane.