Although many countries are opening back up after going under lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, things will never be the same. With wearing a mask medical becoming mandatory, there are some ways through which you can navigate the new normal. This post shares advice to help you make the most of your time.

When Should You Wear A Mask?

One of the most important questions that need answering is when should you wear a mask. The answer to the question is not as straightforward. However, you need to cover your face whenever you go into a public space. It means that your face should always be covered when you go to the pharmacy or the grocery store. Thus, you will have an entirely unique experience as compared to before. Moreover, many businesses have made it compulsory for customers to wear a mask if they wish to enter the store. Hence, everyone must wear some type of mask when they go out. Until a vaccine is developed, it will remain the norm to wear a mask in a public space.

Regularly Scheduled Healthcare Appointments

Besides just wearing a mask, patients of Covid-19 should regularly schedule healthcare appointments to get the attention they deserve. Most healthcare locations have put various measures into place to make sure that their employees and patients are safe. Despite the severity of the situation, all hospitals are open and provide people with much-needed care. The importance of going for a regular check-up cannot be stressed enough. Take care of your health by visiting your doctor regularly. If care is delayed, it impacts your health adversely.

Social Distancing

Although you should wear a mask when you leave your home, you should continue social distancing. As the weather starts to warm up, you should spend time outside while ensuring that you maintain a 6-foot distance from others. It is important to get your regular dose of vitamin D by basking in the sun. As long as there is a breeze and minimal people outside, you should be able to continue social distancing. Make sure to avoid large congregate settings that consist of over 10 people.

Frequent Hand Washing

If there is one thing that we have learned over the past few months as a society, it is the fact that we should wash our hands frequently. Whenever you come back home or take off your mask, you should properly wash your hands using soap and water. Continue applying the soap for at least 20 seconds to ensure that all the germs and bacteria are killed. Since there is no vaccine that is available, we all need to take responsibility and live in the new normal. A vaccine might be available by mid-2021 which is why it is important that we continue following safety measures.


The advice shared in this post aims to educate you on the right safety precautions. Make sure to follow each tip to take care of your health.