A locksmith is someone who is an expert with locks on doors, safes, windows, cars and in almost any other thing which is opened with a key. Not just that, but they also install, repair and adjust locks in cars, buildings, safes and offer their services to people who have forgotten their key, want to break their locks and also people who want to consult about their security system. Locksmiths can be of a great use. Locksmiths in Ottawa are considered as one of the best so if you are living there, you don’t really have to worry about locks!

This profession has been quite ancient. As long as there were locks and keys to fit them, there were people who were expert in this. In this article, you will get to know what does a locksmith do. Let’s get you started!


There is a huge misconception that locksmiths only pick locks. Well, it is true but not just that, they do several other things as well such as:

Cut keys:

Locksmiths are able to cut keys for locks in both, residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, safes etc.

Locks for windows and doors:

Locksmith provide services where they not only offer locks for windows and doors but they also repair window and door locks, two of the most common types of locks used in both, commercial and residential.

Security safe:

Not just door or window locks, locksmiths are expert in supplying, opening, installing and repairing different and all types of security safes and vaults.

Auto locksmith service:

A lot of locksmith are able to provide auto locksmith services to their customers where the clients are given access to opening any of the locks they have installed if they have, by accident, locked keys in their vehicles or they have lost keys to their house.

Access control system:

A lot of locksmiths do their work manually. However, some of the locksmiths are able to install electronic control system but there are only few locksmiths who are expert in this, not all of them can install electronic control system.

Twenty-four hour’ emergency service:

A lot of locksmiths provide 24-hour emergency service for people who have lost their keys or are locked out.

When locksmiths install locks in a building, they become a default locksmith for that particular building. Lock smiths keep an extra pair of keys with themselves just in case the keys are lost but don’t worry, this is done after your permission has been granted. Not just that, but locksmiths also keep records of the locks installed in a building.

Where can you find a good locksmith?

Locksmiths are usually found employed in traditional locksmith companies. Not just that, you can also find one in a security agency. Some locksmiths are working as a freelance locksmith; you just need to find one. Element of a good locksmith is that he works all the time, provides emergency services for twenty-four hours’ and is discreet, which means that he can handle confidential information regarding your lock.