With increasing population and the ever evolving nature of industrial activity, it has become strenuous and laborious to obtain permits in a busy city like Miami. You have got to take into account numerous factors such as time, money, the company’s efficiency to help you achieve your desired results.

In times like these, City of Miami Permit Expediter team has got your back!

In order to navigate your way into the right direction, it is crucial to know about Permit Expediter.

What exactly does a Permit Expediter do?

Permit Expediter helps you get building permits for construction and architectural companies. The company assists you to collect relevant data, look after the paperwork, file permits, supervise stages of permit acceptance or approval. This in return, mitigates possible roadblocks, last hour inconvenience and unnecessary workload.

Why should you go for a Permit Expediter?

You cannot deny the fact that investing in building, be it your home, company, restaurant, etc can be a hectic, onerous and burdensome task. One cannot do everything on his own and manage his/her business activities at the same time.

That is why hiring a team of experts can always come in handy. City of Miami Permit Expediter takes pride in aiding you reach your goal. From deeply scrutinizing every step of the process to ensuring that clients don’t face any last minute hassles, permit expediters will always be there for you. It saves your money and time.

Features of City of Miami Permit Expediters

City of Miami Permit Expediters offer their services for:

  • Restaurants
  • Illegal Additions to your building
  • 40/50 Recertification
  • Liens and Violations
  • Special Event Permits
  • New Construction

Duration for Receiving a Permit Approval

People usually ask about how much time it would take for the permitting process to take place but it actually depends upon the client’s idea of construction. They go for a holistic approach in terms of construction. The more complex the construction is, the more time it will take for the approval to take place. Small scale construction permits expediters would probably take days but large scale construction permits could take a couple of months. However, the secret ingredient to get things done easily is to have all the required paperwork.

Note: If your construction involves more than 2 buildings at different locations, you may require a Master Permit. City of Miami Permit Expediter will help you guide through the process.

Cost of a Permit

Again, it varies upon the nature of the construction or service. It could range between anywhere from a few dollars to over $100,000. One should always consider and carefully look at all the liens and violations to avoid any mishaps.

Know Your Contractors

It is strongly recommended to do a detailed background check of your contractors. It is important to be well aware of the contractor’s credibility. City of Miami Permit Expediter would be there for you to verify the documents in question so you can run your construction as smoothly as possible.

Now that you’ve been made aware of the basics, rush to their website and contact them right away to get your construction started the way you always dreamt of.