Medical malpractice is more common than one might possibly think. No matter which medical practitioner you seek, sometimes, it is just impossible to avoid medical malpractice. Personal injuries due to medical malpractices are distressing because it can be frustrating to know that the person you were dependent on and trusted caused you harm. Hence, if you have been harmed in the Emergency Room, doctor’s office, in temporary emergency structures, hospital, during a surgical procedure, or while giving childbirth, it is crucial that you seek justice. This is why you need the help of a Nashville medical malpractice expert like one from Cummings Injury Law for the best outcome.

Brian Cummings is the best medical malpractice attorney out there who will help ensure that you receive the justice that you desire in the form of compensation and more. The attorney is very respectful and compassionate and will go out of his way to provide you the best representation for the case warrant. Brian Cummings has been very successful when it comes to recovering huge amounts of money for clients involving various medical malpractices like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Diagnostic Errors

The truth is that diagnostic errors are far from rare. It is possible that the doctor who treated you failed to properly diagnose your medical problem, diagnosed you too late, or misdiagnosed the condition.

  1. Birth Injuries

Birth injuries cause a great deal of pain. In some cases, you might end up needing to under surgical procedures, or you might end up suffering from lifelong disability. If you believe that the obstetrician caused the baby harm, then you can be held the obstetrician accountable, financially and legally.

  1. Hospital Negligence

As much as you would want the staff or doctor at the hospital to properly treat you, medical malpractice is always possible. It could be caused by the negligence, inattention, or ignorance of the doctor or even institutional misconduct in the form of defective communication, poor recordkeeping, improper protocol, and lack of proper sanitation.

  1. Surgical Errors

When it comes to surgery, even a single moment of distraction can lead to long-lasting damaging. Some of the common surgical errors include but are not limited to leaving surgical equipment inside of the patient, anesthesia mistakes, and the removal of incorrect body parts.

  1. Wrongful Death

Sometimes, medical malpractice has such severe consequences that it could lead to the wrongful death of the patient due to recklessness or negligence on part of the medical professional. Such deaths might occur during the surgical procedure, hospital stay, emergency room visit, or the like.


Personal Injury Lawsuit

In order to seek justice, one has to file a personal injury lawsuit. You will require an experienced medical malpractice attorney like Brian Cummings to help ensure that you are best represented. It is crucial for the attorney to exclusively work in the field of medical malpractice for the best results. Moreover, due to the expertise of Brian Cummings, you will have an attorney who will fight aggressively to ensure that you win and get the compensation that you truly deserve and not just a paycheck that covers a fraction of the cost.