Malta is an amazing destination for expats. It has truly opened up to anyone wanting a holiday or second home. If you are looking for a place to rent or buy for a holiday or longer stay in Malta, you are likely to hear the term “house of character”. It is the same property that you might have already come across in holiday brochures. If you do not know much about houses of character in Malta, you need to read on.

What Is A Maltese House Of Character?

The pictures of Maltese houses of characters will show you honey-coloured old stone houses with some bright pink bougainvillea gracing the courtyard or door. As for the limestone, it would be rather mellow and hewn. You will find it to look bright white when in the sun. The property is characterized by nooks and crannies, myriad niches, bowed windows, terraces, spiral stairways, wooden beams, and arches. Thus, their charm truly is unrivalled. You are bound to fall in love with Maltese houses of character.

Where Will You Find Them?

The next question that you might be having is where you will find Maltese houses of character. Generally, you will find them to be located in old villages. They are also referred to as farmhouses as they have arched and rather large rooms that were previously used as milling rooms or stables. The old mill stones are likely to be in place. It is also possible to find a detached house of character in the countryside.

As for the standalone Maltese houses of character, they are either entirely or partly newly built using old stone. It has been a trend throughout Gozo where the developers realized that there simply were not enough holiday homes for meeting demand. The truth is that the term itself is somewhat loose. It covers older town houses that have roofed balconies.

What Is It Like To Live In A Maltese House of Character?

When you actually live in a Maltese house of character, you realize what its true character is. Its charm is unrivalled. After living in the character house as a long-term resident, you will be satisfied. However, you can always rent one as there are plenty of houses for sale in Malta. If you are on the lookout for a property, you should be able to find one with ease. You can either look up listings or contact a real estate agent to help you out. As an expat, you should experience no trouble. But, you should do your homework to ensure that you get good value for your money. Discuss everything in advance for the best experience.


Traditional Maltese houses of character are known for their old stones, patterned tiles, and inner courtyards. They are simply gorgeous and worth checking out. The property should be able to accommodate over 10 people. Hence, it is the ideal place for spending your summer or winter as the weather in Malta is amazing throughout the year.