The contemporary era has seen tremendous advancement in the arena of technology. This has not only changed our world-view but has also opened up new ways to explore it. Isn’t it fascinating that our entire globe has been digitalized through gadgets? This means that we can reach anywhere anytime virtually.  One such gadget is your smartphone. From organizing your schedule to connecting with your loved ones, your smartphone is nothing less than your personal assistant. This personal assistant of yours has several applications through which you can easily perform your day-to-day activities.

One such application is phone tracker. In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of using a phone-tracking application.

Pros of a using a Phone-tracking App

  • Child Safety: Parenting has never been easy in any era. However, with the help of a phone tracker, you can keep a track of your child activities. By logging into the application, you can be aware of your child’s current location.
  • Recovering your Lost Phone: One of the greatest benefits of having a phone tracker is that you can recover your phone by tracking its location, in case you have lost it somewhere or someone has stolen it.
  • Safety in case of an Emergency: If you find yourself in any kind of emergency, your phone tracker can send your location to the concerned authority in no time. Remember that nothing is more important than your safety.
  • Finding your Friends: You can use a phone tracker to find your friends in any public place. This can make your hang-outs safe and more fun.
  • Tracking your Employees: Having a phone tracker can help you with your business management. If you issue mobile phones to your employees, you can keep a track of their activities in office hours. This can make your business more profitable by alerting your employees that you know about their whereabouts.
  • Personal Concerns: A phone tracker can be your detective if you think that your spouse is cheating on you. By tracking their location, you can know where they are.

Cons of using a Phone-tracking app

  • Invasion of Privacy: The first thing that comes to mind while using a phone tracker is invasion of privacy. Imagine if you get to know that you are being tracked, what would be your reaction? You will certainly despise it.
  • Psychological Impact: Having a phone tracker can turn you into an obsessive stalker. You may spend your entire time in tracking your friends and family. This can be detrimental for your mental health.
  • Violation of Human Rights: Tracking a person without their knowledge comes under the paradigm of violation of fundamental human rights i.e. right to freedom.
  • Illegal act: If you are tracking a person without notifying them, you are engaging in an illegal act that can result in taking legal action against you.
  • Switched off phone cannot be tracked: A major limitation of using a phone tracker is that it cannot track the location if your phone is switched off.

Considering the modern needs, a phone tracker application is essential for daily activities. In addition to it, despite of various cons, a responsible and proper usage of such applications can help ease the hassles of life.